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Ten Pounds Down

Posted May 12, 2009

Could I ask a favor? Would you help me lose 10 pounds? I’ve been carrying an extra 10 lbs. for about two years. I’d like to get down to a certain weight where I not only feel better but my blood chemistry is healthier.

Maybe you would like to join me in what we will call the Ten Pounds Down campaign. We can help make each participant accountable. We’ll check in once a week and share our individual results. Unless you want to, you don’t have to state your specific weight but rather how much you’ve lost or gained over the week. We’ll keep the campaign going for at least ten weeks. This will give everyone plenty of time to achieve a net loss of at least ten pounds.

Here’s my situation. My job has become more sedentary in nature over the years. I sit on the anchor desk for five hours a day now. I do go to the gym at least five times each week and run on four of those days. But I tend to overeat when I get home following a workout. Also, I probably eat too many hamburgers and too much pizza. Plus, I’d like to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. What about you?

What diet tips have worked for you? What is the best way to move Ten Pounds Down from where you are right now? What about your successes and setbacks? Please share your ideas. I will take your advice and some of my own and craft a Ten Pounds Down plan of action. After checking with medical and dietary experts to make sure the plan is sound, I will post it next week when we begin the campaign.

In the meantime, let me ask you a few questions:

(1) What is the best day of the week to weigh? I’m thinking Tuesday or Wednesday.

(2) What are some ways we can help encourage each other?

(3) What incentives can we build into the campaign?

(4) What recreational activities across NC could we incorporate into the campaign?

Thanks for your input! Stay tuned for the official launch of Ten Pounds Down!


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  • ejwench May 19, 2009

    Bill, what I've read so far sounds pretty good but I have a little bit of inspiration for you. I've been on Weight Watchers since the last week of July & have lost 69 pounds thusfar - I've 11 pounds to reach my first Goal. I realized financially how much my weight would cost me in medications (high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack risk, four bone spurs in my heels, etc.) & frankly, my weight caught me at my wallet! I saw a special on a health channel about tremendously obese people & the nutritionist noted that ALL the foods they ate were beige - no color in the foods they ate at all! So when I made my life change (it isn't a diet, it's now a way of life), my first rule of thumb is, "how colorful is it?" Bright veggies, colorful fruits, rich brown breads, etc.! WW has taught me 1) what FULL is because as an obese woman, I'd never known what hunger & full meant, 2) accountability for my choices & 3) patience & forgiveness with myself. Good luck & I'm on board!

  • Red - white - blue - 1 May 15, 2009

    what is TOPS?

  • mema1945 May 13, 2009

    My husband and I joined TOPS 2 years ago. He has had a heart attack, Lung cancer, Diabetic , breathing problems, having to use a breathing machine along with enhalers. He was in a motorized wheel chair when we joined TOPS. He has lost 130 pounds and is no longer on insulin, enhalers, breathing machine and is now walking 5 miles a day. It is a great support group. We teach portion control and exercise and how food is cooked. No frying and using different seasoning than grease. My husband was NC State King this year after losing all the weight. I lost 56 pounds to my goal. We are new people and we owe all of our success to TOPS. So join TOPS in your town and control your portions and exercise. Even if you want to lose just a few pounds you can do it with the support from TOPS.

  • piratepeople May 13, 2009

    I have had good success doing Weight Watchers. The key to weight loss is you have to take in fewer calories than you burn. I know that may seem obvious, but it is true. Portion control is another biggie. Exercise is another key to success with weight loss-not just cardio, but using weights/machines to help build lean muscle. I, too began adding on extra weight in my 40's and now at almost 51, I knew it was time to do something. I have lost around 15 pounds since August and dropped my cholesterol from 237 in Sep.2007 to 192 the following Sept. I miss Bojangles dearly, but it has been worth it. Also-tracking or keeping a food diary is another helpful strategy-you can see what you are taking in. The motto is "if you bite it, write it!" Best wishes on this endeavor! You will do great.

  • murdock May 13, 2009

    This is really a cool idea.

    Regarding some ideas I have already heard.

    2 can regular sodas a day for a year = 3l lbs

    Limit carbohydrates to one-fourth of each meal

    Go to the Eat Smart Move More website for some more ideas

    Chew sugar free gum when hungry and drink ice cold water - your body has to heat it up to use it and this will increase your metabolism for a short time.

  • wdwbmw May 13, 2009

    Because of a spike in cholesterol ten months ago, I have lost 30 pounds. The 2 1/2 miles a day that I walk and the omission of mucho fat and carbs have combined to make me two sizes smaller and much healthier. The best part was that my cholesterol came down so much that I am now doing a trial run without my cholesterol med. Good luck to you, Bill.

  • bleslie May 13, 2009

    wcumom - so you've found the perfect diet have you?

  • MaplesMom May 13, 2009

    (1) What is the best day of the week to weigh? I say Monday mornings. Right off the bat- so you know how to plan your week.
    (2) What are some ways we can help encourage each other? We don't want to list out weight- but everyone wants to be part of the "PLC!" (Pounds Lost Club!) You only have to lose one pound to join and have to maintain to continue to be a part of this honorary club. All about incentive!!
    (3) What incentives can we build into the campaign? Bragging rights. You could offer a Fall "fan" concert to participants. I know I'd love to see you in concert. It could be a fall afternoon at a park where you strum a few notes and we enjoy the fruits of our labor (skinnier bodies)
    (4) What recreational activities across NC could we incorporate into the campaign? How many NC Counties will YOU take a walk in this summer? How many NC Parks will you take a hike in this summer?

    I am on board Bill!

  • mdrichmond May 13, 2009

    Try eating a light dinner before you work out. Take an hourlong break after your meal, then do your cardio/strength training. As soon as you get done, brush your teeth so the icky toothpaste flavor discourages late-night foraging.... Works for me!

  • br549znc May 13, 2009

    Really cut down on foods and drinks laden with sugar (soft drinks, white potatoes, white bread, and yes, cookies, cakes and pies, etc.) and the pounds will fall off. Sounds like you're exercising enough.




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