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Tar Heel Trivia Returns

Posted April 2, 2009

We haven’t done this in a while. How about another round of Tar Heel Trivia? How extensive is your knowledge of the Old North State? Test yourself with the following list of questions. But before you do I have a favor to ask. I am getting ready to take a two week vacation and I’d like to take a great new novel with me. Any recommendations?

Okay. Back to the quiz. I will post the answers later today.

1. What famous French science-fiction author wrote about a fearsome mountain in Western North Carolina in 1874?

2. Who was the first US president to have his picture taken in the White House?

3. The Andy Griffith Show was a spinoff of what popular CBS series?

4. What Winston-Salem based airline began service in 1948 with a flight from Wilmington to Charlotte to Cincinnati?

5. More than 2,800 Union soldiers filed out of a Civil War prison in what North Carolina town in 1865?

6. What Ivy League school did Davidson College try to emulate after opening in 1837 north of Charlotte?

7. What Chapel Hill musician appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in March of 1971?

8. What bird almost beat out the cardinal as NC’s official state bird?

9. Who became the first black elected mayor of a predominately white Southern town?

10. What Franklinton native threw a major league no-hitter as a rookie in 1973


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  • ppetree Apr 8, 2009

    You might like "Time is a River" by Mary Alice Monroe; the plot centers around fly fishing in the NC mountains.

  • evergreen Apr 3, 2009

    Bill, If the books must be NC born and bred, you can do no better than Ron Rash. All his books are fabulous -- One Foot in Eden, Saints at the River, The World Made Straight, and Serena are his four novels. He also writes short stories and poetry. Born in Boiling Springs, he's teaching at Western Carolina. If the books don't have to be NC based, try Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, Gentlemen and Players by JoAnne Harris, or Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

  • tarhillmom Apr 3, 2009


    Since you love NC, may I recommend two fairly short novels by Tony Earley? Jim the Boy and The Blue Star (2 books) tell the heart-warming coming of age story of a young man living in NC during the time of World War II. You'll come to love the characters and I promise you'll like the stories!

  • cornfused Apr 3, 2009

    I thought #3 is "Make Room for Daddy."

  • TheDude abides... Apr 3, 2009

    Wooo Hooo!

  • bleslie Apr 3, 2009

    chickadee is correct!

  • TheDude abides... Apr 2, 2009

    or maybe I'm overcomplicating this question.

  • TheDude abides... Apr 2, 2009

    Bill- this was a tricky question. The state bird was "unofficially" the chickadee until the mid 20th century. When a NC group tried to take a survey on which bird would be the "official" state bird the mourning dove finished second to the cardinal and the chickadee was 11th. Sooo, I guess you're looking for "chickadee".
    My revised answers are listed below:

    1.Jules Verne 2.James K. Polk 3.The Danny Thomas Show 4. Piedmont 5.Salisbury Prison 6.Princeton 7.James Taylor 8.chickadee 9.Howard Lee 10.Jim Bibby

  • bleslie Apr 2, 2009

    McGup you've got them all right but number eight.

  • TheDude abides... Apr 2, 2009

    1.Jules Verne
    2.James K. Polk
    3.The Danny Thomas Show
    4. Piedmont
    5.Salisbury Prison
    7.James Taylor 8.Mourning Dove 9.Howard Lee 10.Jim Bibby




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