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Guardian angels

Posted March 31, 2009

Do you have a guardian angel? Do you believe in supernatural beings who watch over people and protect them from harm? If so, what experiences have you encountered that make you believe in guardian angels? Please discuss.

The issue came up this morning. WRAL's Morning News had the story of a 45 year old man who was talking on his cell phone outside a pizzeria near Boston when he noticed a toddler dangling from a third story window. Robert Lemire bolted across the street and teamed up with a man who had been inside a home for a Bible study meeting. Lemire and Alex Day formed a human net that saved the toddler from the impact of a 40 foot fall. The father of the toddler explained that he was inside caring for a newborn in the family when the incident happened.

This story reminded me of one I heard from my parents in Morganton. At age three I bolted through the screen of my family’s second floor porch. Thank God for a man named Harley who was mowing our lawn at the time. Harley just happened to be mowing below the porch. Harley caught me with both hands and prevented me from falling on the rocks below. I could have died or suffered severe head injuries. Did a guardian angel put Harley in a position to save me that summer day?

The next year I darted onto the busy street in front of our house and was hit by a car and knocked unconscious. Doctors weren’t sure I was going to survive. While my father stayed at the hospital with me my mother went to Grace Church across the street, walked through the open door (it was always open in those days) and prayed that I would pull through. When she returned to the hospital my eyes were open. Though bruised and battered I had no broken bones and was on my way to recovery. Did I have a guardian angel that day?

I’d like to get your thoughts and opinions.


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  • Mrs. Beasley Apr 1, 2009

    ...well, I must have hit the comment button before I finished editing...

    I was going to edit my tale of meeting Elizabeth Taylor, so I could add that the only autographs she gave that day were to me and the other girl. She used a purple magic marker, and even drew on her picture on the event program - adding bags under her eyes and extra "wild" hair. She signed "Elizabeth Taylor Warner" with great flair and handed it to her husband to sign. He merely wrote... + John. I think that was very telling of their relationship at the time. :-)

    Can you tell that I've re-told this story many times. And I still have the program.

  • Mrs. Beasley Apr 1, 2009

    In 1989, my best college friend died of breast cancer at age 27. In 1992, when I was 32 and recently married, I looked down at my diamond, which was a copy of the 3/4 oval she had worn, and remembered that I needed to do my breast self exam. Well, I found a lump that had not been there before. Turns out that it was cancerous. I have always said that it was her, my breast cancer angel, reminding me to check that saved my life.

  • Southernbornbarb Apr 1, 2009

    I believe in Guardian Angels. Mine has been with me more than once. One time comes to mind when I was on a tour bus in the Washington DC area. My husband and I were on the front seat and I was half-way napping. As we rounded a curve, all lanes of traffic was at a standstill and our driver had to slam on brakes to keep from rear ending the car in front of him. The sudden stop threw me from my seat. I grabbed something and that slowed me down but I made a complete turn in the air. I landed on my back with my head at the driver's foot, one leg behind the "jump" seat, my rear on the step and the other leg up the aisle. It was a miracle that I didn't go through the windshield. I had one big bruise on my behind and a tiny cut on the palm of my hand. My Guardian Angel was looking out for me.

  • burdlvr Apr 1, 2009

    back in 1998 i got my 1st motorcycle. i was soo excited that i just had to ride it home. well on this day it was raining. at the time my husband kept reminding me all the hazards of the road when it rains. so in the back of my head i had all this running thru like crazy. i was heading the back way home and in a sharp curb i froze. and i swear i just couldn't move. well in the middle of the road i just leaned and smoothly went right thru. as my heart was racing and my breathing stopped, i swear there had to be an angel with me. and to this day i swear they are still with me.

  • happy Apr 1, 2009

    When I was in highschool, I had a little cloth stuffed angel that hung from my rear view mirror. One day, driving home after band practice, I was listening to the radio,singing along and looked up at my angel and gave her a quick spin with my finger. When I looked back at the road, I saw something large in my lane. I couldn't go around it as there was a car coming in the opposite direction and I was on an overpass. The sun was setting so I couldn't tell what it was and just hoped it was a dead animal of some sort. Next thing I knew, I lost control of the car and ended up on the small lip of concrete before the railing. I got out uninjured and waited for the police to come. When I was interviewed, I told the police that I thought I was going 55 (typical teenager response). He said if I had been going 55, I wouldn't have stopped and would have ended up on the road below.

    I credit my guardian angel for having me slow down that day by diverting my attention to her for a minute.

  • juliestoneham Mar 31, 2009

    Yes, God sends us angels at times! The day after 911 I took my Golden Retriever, Kenly for our usual 6 mile run. Kenly had never left the yard. He is a wonderful dog. Our other dog came in the house, but no Kenly... Turns out there were 2 female dogs in heat running around. Too tempting even for Kenly. I put up signs all over the neighborhood. Over the next 2 days we searched and called. What was cool was I had many neighbors stop over and tell me they were searching for Kenly too! Some for hours. Everyone knew him, because we ran every night. With 911 just happening,folks wanted to help anyone they could. Late the third day I got a call from someone saying they found my dog, he was ok. He said they lived 1/4 mile up the road in a certain house and were waiting by the road in a red pickup. It was a cheerful older couple. I returned to the house several times after that to thank them, but, no one in a red truck lived there. I found out who did. I beleive they were angels

  • LMRA Mar 31, 2009

    My story involves my parents. They were in Italy on a tour and someone in their tour group wanted to return something she had purchased. She asked my parents to go to the store with her. My Father was wearing one of those waist packs and had both their passports and their travelers checks in the pack.

    As they rounded a corner on their way to the store, 2 women approached. One looked like she was holding a baby but headed straight for my Father. As he backed off to avoid colliding with the 'baby' one of the women grabbed his pack and they took off.

    My Mother got hysterical and as they ran to chase them, they saw a police car. My Father approached and the police seemed to know his name. In the back of their car - the 2 women.

    They got EVERYTHING back within minutes of the incident.

    My Mother (a devout Catholic) is convinced her prayers to St. Anthony the day before were the keys to recovering the passports and the money. I say it was my Father's guardian angel.

  • bleslie Mar 31, 2009

    These are all amazing stories! Thanks for sharing. mdoodle - welcome back from England!

  • lovetheheels Mar 31, 2009

    I definitely believe in guardian angels: I was driving home on Thanksgiving morning from Chapel Hill to Roxboro on N.C. 86 N in a downpour when I hit a stream of water running across the road in a curve. I hydroplaned, began to spin around across the oncoming lane, jumped a ditch and ended up tail first in the woods. I just missed several large pine trees by just inches on both sides of the car. I was completely unhurt, my car didn't have a scratch and just needed alignment the next week. I was towed out and drove away,knowing my guardian angel had saved me. I learned later that day a math equation from an Air Force pilot I was dating at the time to calculate the speed at which tires will hydroplane ...9 times the square root of your tire pressure is the speed at which you can hydroplane. Most cars are at approx. 36 psi X 9 = 54 mph. I have used this ever since to remind me to slow down on wet pavement. You might want to remember might save your life!

  • blytle Mar 31, 2009

    Before we got married, I had gone to my then boyfriend's house to watch a basketball game with him. He lived in north Raleigh. On the way home I was going up St. Mary's street. I got to the intersection with Glenwood Avenue where St. Mary's is split by Glenwood. When you go thru the traffic light you turn right, cross Glenwood, then turn left and make a right back onto St. Mary's. As I made my way across Glenwood, I looked to my left and saw a car, running the red light. The car got close enough to me for me to see the driver and read her lips as she said, Oh my God! The next thing I knew, I was through the intersection and turning onto St. Mary's Street again, without our two cars colliding. We should have collided. But I am convinced that a Guardian Angel lifted my car out of the way. I thank and praise God for saving me from certain death or devastating injury.




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