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Help me write a song

Posted February 27, 2009

Help me write a song tonight! I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – write a song while performing.

We will call the song “Luther Café.” That’s all I’ve got so far. I will lean on the audience to assist me with writing the lyrics. Actually, the Luther Café is where I will be performing from 7:00 to 10:00 tonight. It’s a coffee shop and entertainment venue and is part of Christ the King Lutheran Church at 600 Walnut Street in Cary. The church is right across the street from Burger King and next to Cary High School. I performed at the Luther Café last year and had such a good time I really wanted to come back. The setting is warm and intimate. The acoustics are superb. Plus, they’ve got a great sound guy with lots of high quality microphones.

You don’t have to dress up. I’ll be wearing jeans and sneakers. And admission is free. Katy Kirkendall runs the show. She says The Luther Café is run solely by volunteers and donations. The venue is open for music performances every month on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Friday.

You might ask – what in the world am I going to do for three hours? Well, I’ve got a bunch of songs to play and sing. I’ve got some great stories including a new one about Elizabeth Gardner. You can ask me anything you’d like about the news business. I’ve also got a slide show and a North Carolina quiz. And, of course, we have that song to write.

So what rhymes with café? Soiree. Convey. Display. Buffet. Feel free to help me get started with the song on the blog here. See you tonight at Cary’s Luther Café!


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  • Packy Mar 3, 2009

    Gobro, I really like your lyrics

  • bleslie Feb 27, 2009

    Now, we're rolling! Thanks!

  • cgbowman Feb 27, 2009

    Go ahead and make my day!
    Join me by the burger joint
    at the Volunteer Only Luther Cafe!

  • jbass2 Feb 27, 2009

    By the burger joint, next to the school,
    You'll find me tonight as I play
    Wonderful folks and great coffee abound
    At Cary's Luther Cafe.

  • pantheelsfan Feb 27, 2009

    Cary Luthers Cafe' is a place to end your day, to come and listen to me play this great song at the Cary Luthers Cafe

  • goBRO Feb 27, 2009

    This homeland thumbs my heart strings,
    the old North State, while traveling on my way,
    shares the sounds that I have beating,
    I now share with you at this cafe...

  • bleslie Feb 27, 2009

    Wheelman wonder! Thanks

  • Wheelman Feb 27, 2009

    While you're out tonight checkin' out the sights

    Stop and see Bill, it'll give him a thrill.

    You won't have to stay, but he may want ya to pray

    'Cause he needs help with a song about the Luther Cafe!

  • sharongo1 Feb 27, 2009

    I enjoy your music Bill. I would love to hear you perform.

  • sharongo1 Feb 27, 2009

    This is fun, I'm trying to help.




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