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Creepy, crawly drivers

Posted February 26, 2009

Are you feeling a bit ornery today? If so, you will probably like the blog topic. I’ve had several emails in recent days from people who wanted me to start another pet peeve blog.

Okay, I won’t fight the temptation to be a tad negative and perhaps realistic. Here is my pet peeve of the day – drivers who crawl like a turtle through intersections, especially red light intersections. Why not maintain a normal and safe speed when traveling through a crossroads? No, I haven’t had a red light ticket yet but I sure have come close. What about you?

What is your pet peeve of the day? Feel free to vent. Thanks. And I hope we all feel better.


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  • any1butcarolina0405 Feb 27, 2009

    coworkers that leave early on friday with no concern for the work you have to finish of theirs when they leave

  • bethmcdud Feb 27, 2009

    I drive the interstates in NC and drivers who "hang" in the left lane are causing road rage, and passing on the right, which is another danger. In Fayetteville, you had better move cautiously at the traffic lights at intersections. Just yesterday, I counted 3 intersections where drivers blatantly ran the red light, as the light was green for my direction for at least 3 seconds. So, use caution in Fayetteville when your light turns green!

  • kricketbleu Feb 27, 2009

    Happy Friday Everyone! instead of posting my "pet peeves"....I really would like to know exactly where the term "pet peeve" originated and how it relates to "annoyances!" Just curious!

  • CestLaVie Feb 27, 2009

    "People who complain about drivers going the speed limit in the left lane for going to slow."

    If you are in the left lane and NOT PASSING CARS ON YOUR RIGHT, regardless of whether you are doing the speed limit or not, you are in the wrong lane. The left lane was designed for PASSING, not cruising.

    camm: You are correct.......totally oblivious to anything around them is what I've decided about such habits....and they ARE bad driving habits.

  • simracer68 Feb 26, 2009

    Pet Peeves on the road: People that slow down for school zones - AT 11 PM AT NIGHT! Or any other time when the zone is not active and there is plainly no one at the school (no cars/no people). Slowing down after hours when a function is happening is more than fine...but not when it's way late and no one is at school.

    People that pull out in front of you, go a few hundred feet, then turn off. They couldn't wait a few seconds for you to pass? Oh no.

    Non-bluetooth cell phone talkers. These people can't physically operate their turn signals due to the phone stuck to their head it appears.

    Lastly, web peeves: People that complain about spelling and grammar. Web posts/blog posts & responses are akin to a spoken conversation. Do these people stop folks mid-oral conversation to correct their spelling? Or to remind us that "ain't" ain't a word? Save the grammar and spelling Police Action for print articles and school papers - where it actually matters.

    People who type/post in all caps.

  • ncdp Feb 26, 2009

    People who complain about drivers going the speed limit in the left lane for going to slow. And flashing your lights at me will only get you more insurance points as I slam my breaks to avoid that deer in the road, and you either hit me or swerve off the road and wreck.

  • brieflyunpublished Feb 26, 2009

    I can't stand people who refuse to use spell check. It's not "tomarrow" or "definately" or any of the other offending words. Your words are out there for people to read, so for Pete's sake...please use spell check!

  • news4u Feb 26, 2009

    People in the fast lane going 5 MPH under the limit always brings my blood pressure up.

    Then after ignoring my flashing headight signal to move over, after you pass them on the right they stay in the left lane totally oblivious to their obnoxious behavior.

    I would like to know where that strategy is taught in Driver's Ed.

    I wish I had a horn like a freight train.

    After a couple of blasts I'm certain they would have skidmarks in their panties!

  • thefensk Feb 26, 2009

    It is the light flashers who want to pass. Oh, I don't mind if they have a good reason. No I don't. But it is the ones who flash at you when you are in a situation where you have no place to go. Seriously, this happens all the time. Okay, I'm not doing 80, but I'm overtaking the cars on the right and by the way THERE ARE CARS ON THE RIGHT. Oh, and a car going the same speed as I am in front of me. Where do they expect you to go? One time, this guy kept flashing at me in exactly this sort of situation, so I figured he really wanted me out of his way so I slowed down, got over, then got back up behind him. But I fought the impulse to flash.

  • aniorange Feb 26, 2009

    Creepy crawlers can be quite annoying, but what gets me are the ones that race off from the stoplight tearing down the road just to stop again. If you can see it changing to red, whats the hurry? Not to mention if you travel the same road at the same time nearly every day, you might just notice some patters in the light. Sometimes if you just casually do the speed limit you will catch most of the lights on red. Too bad everyone that was at the last light is sitting there waiting for you to catch up with them. If they where not there, you wouldn't have to slow down, just pass on through when the light changed, but you have to wait for them all to race off again. See ya at the next light.
    Hey, maybe I am one of those slow pokes. Oh well...




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