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Toeing the line

Posted January 13, 2009

Thank you for all of the kind blog comments and emails regarding my toe surgery last Friday. Everything went well and I’m back at work today with a big black boot on my right foot. My surgeon, Dr. Andy Milner of Cary, said he was surprised I put up with the pain as long as I did. My big toe joint was totally out of whack after years of running and hiking. Bone spurs were a big problem but they have been eliminated with surgery. I probably should have had the operation five to ten years ago.

I feel a little guilty but I now have a temporary handicapped parking placard for my car. It is valid for 90 days only but it sure came in handy early this morning when I returned to work. Harry, our top notch, security guard gave me a hand and helped me as I hobbled into the station with my boot and Berea propping stool for my leg.
The day after surgery was the worst. It was like I was “walking on my wound” whenever I had to go somewhere. Eventually I just settled in the blue recliner in our playroom and read, and watched westerns and shootouts on the gridiron and hardwood in HD.

When people ask me today “what happened to your foot,” I jokingly say: “I broke my toe kicking the TV after the UNC-Wake Forest game basketball game!”  They almost believe me!  That’s a much better story than old age and the wear and tear of an active lifestyle.

It is great to be back toeing the journalistic line for WRAL!  We have a wonderful team here. You might say I get a kick out of working here.  I hope they never give me the boot.

I think I will use your suggestion and write a song called “Big Toe Blues.” Kinda catchy!


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  • NCSUBAEstudent Jan 14, 2009

    May you have a speedy recovery!

  • thefensk Jan 14, 2009

    Welcome back. Bone "stuff" hurts just about the worst of anything, so just take it easy.

  • Kathleen Jan 13, 2009

    Glad you are back, Bill. Good luck with the recovery! It will all be worth it, and you will be better than new!

  • Riverracer8 Jan 13, 2009

    Glad everything went well!

  • cornfused Jan 13, 2009

    Glad to see you back where you belong!!

  • Arctic_Spirit Jan 13, 2009

    Glad you are back and that the surgery went well.

  • this is my Screen Name Jan 13, 2009

    Guess you weren't the celebrity seen in line at a store buying their own CD, like Bill Jordan said you were on tv yesterday morning, since standing anywhere would have been out of the question. ;-) Hope the healing will happen quickly. Meanwhile, you can have riding cart races at Walmart.

  • blytle Jan 13, 2009

    Good to have you back and glad the surgery was successful!

  • tangerine Jan 13, 2009

    Glad you're up & kickin' (no pun intended :)

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