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Big toe blues

Posted January 8, 2009

I've got the big toe blues.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go under the knife tomorrow.  My right big toe joint is stiff and inflamed after several months of heavy incline work on the treadmill.  The only long term solution for an active person is surgery.  My right foot will be in a boot for about a month.  My podiatrist says I should be better than ever and will be able to do some serious hiking in three months when I travel to New Zealand.

I should be back to work on Tuesday.  Since I feel very close to our Carolina Conversations bloggers I thought I would share this personal news with you.  I have an excellent surgeon in Cary.  I volunteered for the earliest surgery tomorrow.  5:45 may sound like an early arrival time but it's a piece of cake for someone who gets up normally at 2:35A.M.  Perhaps, "normally" is not the right word to use there!

So, you won't see me kicking any field goals or new car tires over the next several weeks.  But I will be back kicking around in the office in no time.  If anyone has been through this surgery before feel free to help encourage me in my recovery.  Thanks!


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  • marywag Jan 9, 2009

    Hi Cuz Bill...

    Good luck in the morning!! We will say a prayer for you, take it easy!!

  • tennispro Jan 9, 2009

    Hope you are feeling better as you reasd this!! I had bunion surgery on one foot a few years back and decided the other bunion on the other foot wasn't so bad afterall. I wore a boot too! The only problem I remember is that my foot was so sensitive I could not stand for a sheet to touch it at night. To this day I sleep with one foot outside the covers!! Good luck and a speedy recover!!

  • tvhartrick Jan 9, 2009

    We will be looking for the song "Big Toe Blues" on your next CD. I hope the surgery went smoothly and your recovery goes even better.

  • fishnett5977 Jan 9, 2009

    Good thoughts to you and a speedy recovery! Do EVERYTHING that the doctor tells you to do! Working in physical therapy I see people that get to feeling better and totally ignore what the doctor has told them NOT to do. That's when the troubles begin! But I know you, you will do exactly what they tell you to! When you are not feeling the best, just think of those days that will soon come that you will be hiking all over a place I would LOVE to see. See New Zealand and Austrialia is my bestfriend and mine's dream. Maybe some day! I too would have a hard time with that long long flight - might have to do me like they use to do Mr T on the "A Team" - knock me out!!! I dont do well with heights and being confined. But if that's what it takes to get where I am going, I will! Will miss you the days you are out but take good care of yourself! Wear extra socks - Greg says its gonna get COLD! As Tom Suiter says - "boo chilly"!
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  • lovetheheels Jan 9, 2009

    Bill -

    I had some toes surgically straightened several years ago and actually had to wear boots on BOTH feet for a while, then extra large athletic shoes until the swelling subsided. (Right, being a lady, it was most attractive...) Having done the boot thing other times in my adult life, I offer one little piece of advice: Be sure the shoe you wear on the non-booted foot is as close to the same height as the boot or you will be dealing with some back or knee pain from misalignment - no fun when your toe is hurting, too!

    Good luck on the surgery and recovery!

  • lseltmann Jan 9, 2009

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • cornfused Jan 9, 2009

    I wish you the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

  • thefensk Jan 9, 2009

    Good luck wishes and good vibes headed your way!

  • doug021355 Jan 9, 2009

    Had a bunion repair and right big toe straightened on 10/17/08. I am just now back to work in my maintenance job and still on light duty. I can sure sympathize with you and wish you the best with your is a breeze - you're asleep - it's the recovery that gets you.

  • Legswilson Jan 9, 2009

    Bill, good luck with your surgery and the recovery. It will be nice to give "pain" the boot. Speaking of boots, you may want to wear a steel-toed boot in case your coworkers decide to stomp around the office! Ouch... healing thoughts going out to you!




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