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Christmas Miracles

Posted December 16, 2008

It’s been said that this is the season of miracles. Have you experienced one lately? How about in previous years? Please discuss.

My personality type prevents me from experiencing a lot of miracles. I am an ENFJ. Those of you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Personality Test know what I am talking about. Let me explain for those who aren’t familiar. I’m an intuitive extrovert who feels his way through life and quickly makes decisions. I am always pushing ahead thinking about my next project and fresh possibilities. It is difficult for me to pause and savor the moment. But when I do, that’s when I just might experience a miracle or a shaft of holy light.

Yesterday during the crazy Christmas crunch of cards, packages and decorating I walked outside and just happened to look up at the sky. I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty. I think it was God’s way of letting me know that he was there and wanted a moment of my time. I paused, drank in the view and then, true to my personality, hustled back inside to get my pocket camera. I rushed back out and snapped a few pictures. And even though it doesn’t do justice to the true beauty of the moment I thought I would share one of them with you.

When I think of Christmas miracles I go back to 1988. The birth of my son, Will, just after Christmas, was a miracle in itself complete with the traditional waiting or expectant period of Advent. I still have the VHS tape of WRAL Television announcing his birth on the 11:00P.M. news. It gives me goose bumps every time I watch it.

What about your Christmas miracle stories? I would love to hear them. Everyone who shares a story will qualify for another Let Me Be Your Santa drawing tomorrow. The winner will receive a copy of my book and companion CD Blue Ridge Reunion.

And now, ladies and gentleman, it’s the shake of the hat full of Monday’s blogging buddies. And the winner is……NCSUBAEstudent. Congraulations! Please email me so you can claim your prize.

I love your holiday musings. My biggest laugh was the one about the family tradition of getting flu shots on the way to the Christmas tree lot.


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  • Bugs Dad Dec 17, 2008

    My Christmas miracle is in the making.My daughter was born 7-22-08 @ Duke Hospital and had open heart surgery one week later.A 2nd surgery 1.5 wks. later for her pacemaker.During the summer, I questioned how God could cause such pain to someone so innocent. After having her home for the past 4 mos., I realize he was not punishing her,but blessing my family with the most precious gift one could receive. I also have a 2 yr. old son who adores his baby "sissy" more than any of his toys. I truly have everything to be thankful for this Christmas.

  • doglover11 Dec 17, 2008

    All of these have touched my heart but Celt's post/miracle made me cry. How wonderful.

  • dnrkearney2 Dec 17, 2008

    It is difficult to decide 'which' specific 'miracle' to share. I decided to say that the most special Christmas miracle is when a person is so touched by the Christmas 'Spirit" that it carries through all year long.When one sees a need and tries to fulfill it any day of the year. There are angels of Christmas always working for someone.
    I had a stroke in '06 making me unable to assist with the care of my 23 week micro-preemie Grandson. My existence is within itself a 'miracle',so is our almost 4 year old Logan.
    Knowing that all my immediate family members know the "true meaning of Christmas" and that we shall remain family forever and ever IS CHRISTmas !!

  • happy Dec 17, 2008

    My miracle happened several years ago. Friends of ours were down on their luck. I, selfishly, thought it was because of bad choices they had made and was somewhat bitter about it, since they had two young boys.

    As I was driving home one night, I had an argument going on in the car.

    "Give them the money"

    "NO...they don't deserve it. They are in this by their own making."

    "Give them the money"

    "This is dumb. Why on earth would I do that?"

    "Because it is the right thing to do."

    Then, I realized, I was in the car by myself and I was arguing with God. I had just gotten a very generous bonus from my employer and had been plotting ways to spend it on frivolous things no one needed.

    I went to work the next day and put the entire bonus in an envelope, had a co-worker address it and mail it.

    They never knew where the money came from and I learned to never, ever argue with God again.

  • Glomae Dec 17, 2008

    My father passed away unexpectedly on December 5, 2004. He always loved Christmas so much so it was a difficult time for all of us. I think God knew we needed a little something extra special that year. So on Christmas night, it began snowing and by the 26th we had a nice covering of snow. I think that was our own little miracle in the midst of our sorrow.

  • jakiret99 Dec 17, 2008

    My Christmas miracle was in 1995 when I brought my son home
    from UNC Hospitals with a transplanted pancreas and kidney. He had been a severe diabetic since age six. Since the transplant
    at age thirty-three, he has lived a life free of diabetes, eats
    what he likes, holds a job and enjoys life thoroughly.

  • murdock Dec 16, 2008

    My Christmas miracle came around Thanksgiving when my son was born weighing in at 1 lb 13.7 oz. He spent his first Christmas in the hospital but Santa got to see him. I even read him the Christmas story from Luke on Christmas Eve. His name: Luke

  • raldude Dec 16, 2008

    I am so blessed this year with health and a fine family. Instead of giving gift this year, I decided to donate to the Durham Rescue Mission. The miracle I helping someone else out is amazing. I feel so happy this year. Although it might not seem like a miracle to some, it goes well beyond that for me.

  • fishnett5977 Dec 16, 2008

    All these stories of miracles, they are so touching!!! I have one thing to add - treat EVERYDAY as a miracle. No matter what happens, bad,good, or indifferent - it's still a miracle that you are here. I have to look at this way or else this time of year gives me the "bah humbugs" too! Sad memories of gone loving family but happy ones of little kids, snow, friends at school and such make me glad to be alive. Here's wish each of you and Bill a Merry Christmas and finding your own miracles! :)

  • melvinb Dec 16, 2008

    My Christmas miracle was the surge of joy which flooded my soul on Christmas Day 2005...the day my beloved Mother passed from this world into the next. Sorrow had blurred all preparations for the holidays that year as we ministered to Mom in the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home in Winston-Salem. It took a miracle for me to see the beauty of my 98-year-old Mom "going home" to Heaven on our dear Savior's birthday. Each year since then I have been reminded when I sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" that one day God's voice will call, and I, too, will go "home" to be with Him.




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