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Let me be your Santa #4

Posted December 15, 2008

What are your holiday traditions? What quirky or unusual things do you and your family adhere to year after year? Please post your thoughts. You could win a holiday gift package as we continue our Let Me Be Your Santa game here on Carolina Conversations. All entries will be tossed into a hat and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow. That person will receive a copy of my book Blue Ridge Reunion and companion CD which hit number one on the world music charts in September.

Okay. Time to announce the latest winner. Kathleen’s name was chosen in the contest last week about Christmas carols. Congrats! Kathleen, please email me at and forward me your mailing address. We will receive a Blue Ridge Reunion package and two Christmas CDs.


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  • phayesrn Dec 23, 2008

    One tradition that I hope my boys will always remember is this: When they were small, I would make a birthday cake for baby Jesus and they got to blow out the candles. The cake was usually more elaborate than those that I made during the year, making it a big deal that they got to share Jesus' birthday cake. It also helped remind the whole family of the gift of Christmas.

  • special k Dec 19, 2008

    our quirky unusual thing is magic reindeer food - every year magic reindeer food appears in the special jar under the tree sometime during the day on Christmas eve and has to be put outside for the reindeer before bed so they come down to the yard and don't poo on the roof

  • missyprissy4000 Dec 16, 2008

    Well we go to my moms house on Christmas Eve morning and open presents with my family. Then later that even we have supper with my husbands family and after they leave we open presents with his parents. On Christmas Day we open presents with our boys that morning, we fix breakfast and my parents come over to see what our boys got from Santa. Then we head to my in laws again for lunch and then finally we sit back and relax and watch A Christmas Story(gotta love Ralphie).

  • lynneslaughter Dec 16, 2008

    When the childen were small, we always made sugar cookies for Santa. The kids sprinkled red and green sugar on the cookies before baking. later,I would read the night before Christmas to them after they got into bed in new PJ's ( special for Christmas). On Christmas morning we always had country ham rolls, orange juice , and pastries. And even though we are not Jewish I have a Menorrah I light and they always get a sack of gold chocolate coins. Then on Christmas afternoon we all went to the movies together.

  • happy Dec 16, 2008

    Well, I'm not Italian, but I too eat fish every Christmas eve. It started when I was first married to my ex and I was so tired from preparing for Christmas and ppre-making the dishes for the big meal on Christmas day. I decided the most I could muster up for dinner that night was tunafish salad and saltines. It worked out perfectly and I've been doing it ever since. That started in 1986.

    When the kids were little, we had a bay window and about an hour before bed time, we would sit in the window on Christmas eve and watch for Santa. When a plane would go by with it's blinking lights, I would get very excited and tell the kids, " to bed, Santa is getting close! See Rudolf's nose blinking!" They would be so excited and scamper off to bed in a heartbeat. Of course, I had to go in and remind them to quit looking out the window and actually go to sleep!

  • ajstarrrn Dec 15, 2008

    Instead of buying presents for everybody, we always play Bingo at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve. The winner of each game picks a gift, and every 3 games, everyone picks a gift. My kids love it!!

  • tennispro Dec 15, 2008

    We always go to church for the annual Candlelight service at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. We then go to a friend's home to an eggnog party and see all our friends. We hurry to get home and go to sleep to await Santa's arrival!!

  • raptured1 Dec 15, 2008

    On the 24th we got to my mother in laws to open presents that night. Then on the 25th we open presents with our two boys. After that we got to my mother in laws again to eat a big lunch. Unless Christmas falls on a Sunday or Wednesday, then we go to church.

  • krobi78527 Dec 15, 2008

    I have 4 brothers and sisters and inlaw spouses. For several years now, we decided to donate what we would give each other and start a new tradition. Every year now, we do a white elephant type game...we have to give something from the free section of Craigslist! It is a lot of fun! And beneficial to others. You'd be amazed at some of the cool gifts we have received!

  • lseltmann Dec 15, 2008

    Like others in the blog, we drive around Christmas Eve to show the kids all the Christmas lights, something that we did when I was a child. I decorate our Christmas tree with sand dollar ornaments adapted from my parents and plan to divide them between my kids when they have their own places. We then spend Christmas day with our extended family and watch A Christmas Story over and over again.




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