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Parade of winners

Posted November 21, 2008

Our judges in the Dazzling Dozen Questions Contest were highly impressed with your answers – so much so they have declared three winners – thinknc, green eyes and ChelsWCU. Will the winners please email me their addresses at so I can send them copies of my new CD “Blue Ridge Reunion.” If you would like me to sign the CDs just let me know.  Congratulations!

Today’s question comes just ahead of the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

What are your favorite memories of previous parades in Raleigh and elsewhere? The blogger with the most exceptional story wins a prize of holiday music.


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  • lynneslaughter Nov 24, 2008

    when i was about 10 years old, we attended the Oxford Christmas Parade. I remember it well because it was at night time. my sister had a new coat. it was an awful acrylic fur job and red as a fire engine. for some reason my mom opted to buy us sparklers to hold during the parade. long story short, the sparks set my sister and her new coat on fire. my brother and i thought it was funny , but mom didn't. and my sister, well, she was real glad she didn't have to wear that awful coat any more.

  • raptured1 Nov 21, 2008

    I grew up in Knightdale and we would go to the Zebulon parade. I can't remember how old I was, I know I was a teenager but me and my mama went and they have the keystone cops. She really wasn't paying attention to them and one came right up to her, at her face, and she turned around and seen him and he scared her to death!! It was soooo funny! Needless to say, she payed better attention the next year!

  • wdwbmw Nov 21, 2008

    Growing up in the 50's, my brother and I would watch the Carolinas Carousel Christmas Parade which was in Charlotte, about 45 miles from us. We, after several years of begging, talked our parents into taking us to see the parade in person. My daddy was not a person who ever particularly wanted to go any where. While we were at the parade, a pigeon used my daddy's prize possession hat for his bathroom. We never got to go to another parade again. Christmas parades always remind me of my wonderful Daddy who loved us dearly but did not "do" parades.

  • maeveduir Nov 21, 2008

    Ok... that's odd. tHe first part of my story didn't post... well, I'll have to get back to it later.

  • fishnett5977 Nov 21, 2008

    Christmas parades in Erwin,Dunn, Four Oaks and Benson when my youngest son was in ROTC. I was soooo proud of him and nearly froze one year at the Erwin parade - it was at night! lol But it still cant beat a little kid seeing their FIRST Christmas parade after they become aware of the season and Santa!!! They get so excited and it makes their little faces light up!!! I experienced it with my sons long ago and now I get to do it again with my grandchildren! Ya'll have fun at the Raleigh parade - I'll be watching from my house here in Meadow! Wave to us Bill!!! And the Meadow Lights open tonight too! Fun time this weekend!!!

  • maeveduir Nov 21, 2008

    (to continue)... a huge purple pacifer in his mouth. Love over dignity.

  • thefensk Nov 21, 2008

    Haven't been to the Raleigh parade, but in the years I've lived in Mebane I have always been impressed with the annual parade here. No specific special moments, it is just a lot of fun to watch. One interesting thing about the Mebane parade is the fact that it runs down Center Street, which is parallel to the railroad tracks. I have noticed that the Amtrak train always slows down when it comes through right at the height of the parade. I wonder if the riders on the train see that as a special seasonal moment.

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