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Beyond the Ballot

Posted November 5, 2008

So, what do you make of the elections? Feel free to voice your opinions but let’s keep it civil.  Let's look beyond the ballot.

Here are some questions to get you going. Why did Kay Hagan win over Elizabeth Dole by a larger margin (9 points) in the US Senate race than Bev Perdue’s three point win over Pat McCrory in the gubernatorial race? Did the so-called Godless ad serve as a major black lash against Dole?

Were you surprised by Barack Obama’s strong showing in North Carolina and what kind of influence did he have on the state races?

If you were in charge of the Republican Party what would you do to right the GOP ship in NC?

If you were in charge of the state Democratic Party what would you do to keep the train on track?

What advice would you offer Kay Hagan, Bev Perdue and Barack Obama as they get ready to assume their new and powerful positions in government?

How big a role did President Bush’s lack of popularity affect the outcome of elections from the state house to the White House?

Are you hopeful for the future of his state and country?

That should be enough to kindle the flame of Carolina Conversations!


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  • murdock Nov 6, 2008

    tcrawford - I can always use prayers, so thank you.

    No I don't care for Obama at all. I am worried. I guess the reall point to all of this is that God knew who would win long before we were conceived. I guess if the Israelites could handle slavery under the Pharoahs, then may be we will survive the tax increases and continued corruption of our country. I look forward to the day my Redeemer comes and solves our mess.

  • tcrawford Nov 6, 2008

    I will be praying for you as well maddie God loves you

  • murdock Nov 6, 2008

    All this CHANGE will hurt our country. Pray for the country. The Bible says things will get worse, and it sure has, especially with this man coming into office

  • maddie Nov 6, 2008

    TCrawford: Yes, we will be in for four years of rough sailing, but it is because of the last eight years. Thank God there is somebody at the helm who will respect the rights of Americans.

  • tcrawford Nov 6, 2008

    I am very very disapointed in the outcome of this election we as a nation under God need to very seriously pray for each one of them elected as well as each other I truly believe we are in for 4 years of hard times and tribulation. Just remember the Lord will take care of his children.

  • dontaskme Nov 6, 2008

    For those who are worried and frightened, I'm truly sorry. That's the way I have felt for the last eight years. It's a truly awful feeling, and there's no way I can tell you the sky is going to clear any time soon.
    We have major hurdles to overcome in this country. Please give the new president time to implement change.

  • maddie Nov 6, 2008

    Sarah Palin did energize the party at first, but as she spoke her inexperience and lack of knowledge was glaring. She can deliver a speech, but does not have the knowledge for free discussion on so very many issues. John McCain was never at the helm in the military and has not been "at the helm" in Washington. Obama has been a senator, not as long as McCain, but has more knowledge and integrity by far. Yesterday Palin said "if I cost McCain one vote I am sorry." You have got to be kidding. Many Republicans I know did not vote for McCain because of her! They are smart people!
    And MURDOCK, how do you actually know that half of the people in America are Godless? We put a Christian into office.

  • ReddHott13 Nov 6, 2008

    I can see where Murdock is coming from. I was more opposed to Obama because of the abortion issue. I worked in the OR for several years and had to witness 'elective abortions'. Needless to say, before anyone votes for something like that, they need to see what actually happens. It has been 10 years and the things I saw still haunt me sometimes.

    All things have a purpose according to God's will. He wouldn't have let this man in that office had he not had a plan for it. And like I told my son and my husband, The Bible cannot fulfill itself and CHRIST cannot return if we do not go through these things. So we just need to pray and really pray for Obama, maybe this will bring a lot of people closer to God.

  • murdock Nov 6, 2008

    I am worried about my future and of my son's. This election proved only one thing: about half the country does not believe in God. Otherwise, we would not voted to put such a godless man as president. It is time for Christians to stand up for morality. As for locally, it looks like more taxes for us and worsening education. I am very disappointed and even found myself tearing up with this.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Nov 6, 2008

    "Someone with so little experience at the helm is troublesome to say the least."

    I don't understand when people express this sentiment - when was McCain ever at the helm? They're both senators; McCain has just been one longer but neither one has been "at the helm" yet.

    I'm delighted by Obama; he obviously appeals and relates to a much broader spectrum of the population. McCain just sold a house that had 13 bedrooms, 7 fireplaces, a 7 car garage and an outdoor pool area that looked like a resort. Not too much in touch with us common folk.

    I am terribly disappointed with the election of Perdue. As a state employee, I see another 4 years of getting shafted. She plans to get spending under control and all state employees know what that means...(except for the teachers)




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