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Seven Heaven

Posted September 19, 2008

Thank you Elizabeth Gardner. Your seven day forecast served as inspiration for today's blog.

Have you seen it?  Seven straight glorious days. No 80's. No 90's. Just comfortable, sit on the back porch, hike in the park perfect 70 degree weather for seven consecutive days.

For those of you willing to take on this assignment I ask you to map out the perfect vacation across North Carolina for the next seven days. We'll call it Seven Heaven. The person with the most interesting itinerary will win a copy of my new CD.

Ready, set - roll the traveling music. Let's take a terrific trip across the Tar Heel state.


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  • blytle Sep 23, 2008

    fishnett, you are too kind. I enjoyed what you wrote. It sounded so peaceful and serene. I help out with a 4 year old, so I can appreciate how you want to spend every extra minute with your granddaughter!! Thanks for the nice words.

  • fishnett5977 Sep 22, 2008

    Cant top mdoodle thats for sure! ;) My 7th heaven would be to sit on my back porch steps in the morning listening to the geese go from pond to pond.
    Watching the leaves change color down in the swamp area and watching the birds gathering to head south(they have been at it for about a week or so now). Cant stray too far away now days, have a granddaughter in my keep and she's in kindergarten! Would love to take her to Parkers Pond or even down to the new park at Erwin at the Cape Fear and see what critters we could find - after school first! And spend my days weeding the roses, cutting back overgrown stuff and getting the yard ready for winter. It will be here soon enough! Hoping one of my 7 days, maybe we would get a little frost and have a good time explaining that to a 5 yr old! lol A weekend trip to Sunset Beach,watching for the turning of leaves and the birds in flight would be part of that heaven! Like my sticker on my truck reads "My piece of Heaven is a place called Meadow NC!

  • blytle Sep 22, 2008

    Well, I'd have to start out at the coast, so my husband and I would jump into my new Smart Car for the trip to Wilmington. Stop in downtown for ice cream at Kilwins!! Of course, those of you who recognize my name, know exactly where we're headed. We're going through Wilmington to the ferry on our way to our favorite B&B in Southport, Lois Jane's. I can't wait to see the looks we'll get from the ferry operators when they see the Smart Car!!! The park in Southport will be a perfect spot to enjoy the water and cool breezes. From there, I think it would be fun to head toward the mountains, stopping at some of NC's great winerys along the way. Also finding some out of the way B&B's for overnights. I'd like to end up in Blowing Rock, one of the most charming towns in North Carolina. And, wouldn't you know it, they have a Kilwin's too!!!!!! Great ice cream, great scenery and lots to do (I love to visit the dulcimer shop and dream of owning a hammered dulcimer!).

  • Glomae Sep 19, 2008

    This is a hard choice. I love the northern Outer Banks this time of year when the weather is still nice and most of the tourists (other than the fishermen) are gone. It is such a simple peace. I could easily spend 7 days just relaxing on the beach.

    However, I also love autumn in the mountains. So I guess if I had seven days to do whatever, I would start at the northern end of the Blue Ridge and take my time traveling south. I would capture all the sights, sounds and taste of the small towns and villages hidden away in the twists and turns along the way. What better way to spend a week?

    Here in North Carolina, its great to know that we are only a few hours away from whatever piece of heaven we want to enjoy.

  • wdwbmw Sep 19, 2008

    A perfect trip for me would be to begin at North Carolina's northernmost lighthouse in Corolla and meander down the coast visiting each of our lighthouses on the way, taking ferries as needed. Of course a little seafood would be welcome at each stop.

  • aanda8104 Sep 19, 2008

    Spending the night there we’re off to the mountains for the final to days to enjoy the leaves as they start to change and apple picking. Enjoying the cool air in the mountains and just relaxing is the best way to end and unwind.

  • aanda8104 Sep 19, 2008

    Day one I would start out in Jockey’s Ridge for some exciting hang gliding. With weather like this it would be a great ride. Maybe some lunch on the sound and then a great night under the stars in Manteo. Day two would be spent hiking up and down the paths at Medoc Mountain. This time of year it is beautiful up there. Enjoy a picnic lunch and then on to Raleigh/Jordan Lake for more outdoor beauty. Again spending the night under the stars in nature’s air conditioning. Day three head off to the Zoo and enjoy watching the kids seeing all of the animals out since it’s not to cold and not to hot. On to Winston Salem to spend the night. Enjoy a wonderful day enjoying old Salem and all of the things that are wonderful about sharing heritage with the next generation.
    From there we’re off to Charlotte to enjoy the day at Carowind’s. Amusement parks seem to hold so much of a different feeling in the fall than they do in the summer when they are extremely crowded. Spending the night th

  • thefensk Sep 19, 2008

    Sorry, I will still be hacking away at the tree that fell in my yard during Hannah. But the cooler weather will be a welcome relief.

  • ECU4lyf Sep 19, 2008

    Hi Bill, would like to put on the old leather jacket and jump on my motorcycle and cruise from Tarboro to Manteo & Nags Head via old US 64, hopefully some of this stretch has been repaved. It's been a while since I've been to the mountain areas, but I do remember Fancy Gap, would like to leave the coast and head that way, just a nice ride for a few days. nothing Fancy.

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