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One thing I've noticed about barbecue restaurants

Posted August 8, 2008

The voting ends at 6:00P.M. in our King of the Cue – Eastern Style Barbecue Poll. Thanks for the bounty of ballots. Monday we’ll switch gears and vote for the Best of the West - Lexington style barbecue. Then we’ll move on to another topic.

One thing I’ve noticed about barbecue restaurants is that many of the good ones are less than fancy on the outside. B’s in Greenville is a good example. Patrons absolutely love this place even though the exterior looks more like a barber shop out of Mayberry. Kent Craig wrote a fine review about B’s noting that it doesn’t have a business phone number and when the barbecue runs out for the day the restaurant closes. Valonda Calloway found out the hard way several years ago arriving a little late for lunch.

B’s also has the distinction of being located on B’s Barbecue Road. That’s pretty cool.

How many of you have been to B’s and what were your experiences?


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  • 2thebeach Aug 11, 2008

    My youngest daughter goes to ECU and knows to bring home some barbeque from B's anytime she is coming this way. Her other stop includes Smith's Red and White in Dortches for some of the best sausage ever made.

  • jetset Aug 8, 2008

    I have been to B's and it was delicious. It looks like a converted gas station to me. The floors are very uneven. But, the most important thing is the food. DELICIOUS!!! It is a melting pot of every kind of "people" that sit side by side eating a little of barbeque heaven!!

  • Hip-Shot Aug 8, 2008

    Went to ECU for my degree. Everyday that I had time to stop I did.They have absolutely the best eastern style barbeque to be found. I have a few ideas as to the secret of their sauce but I'm not giving it away. I knew all the ladies that worked in there by name and they were all friendly.

    Many mornings on the commute to ECU from RMT the valley by the restaurant would be full of the smoke from the pit where they cook their product. That was and is a heavenly smell.

  • murdock Aug 8, 2008

    I will just echo what most have said. Love B's. Eaten there a couple of times only even though I went to ECU for undergrad and grad school. No place like B's.

  • gbred Aug 8, 2008

    B's does have a few tables inside and a picnic table outside. There is also a walk-up window but it's usually quicker to go inside. The ladies that work inside know a lot of customers by name and are friendly to everyone. You will definitely need a nap after lunch if you eat all they give you at one time! Their bar-b-cue doesn't have all those "trashy" pieces in it that you find at some places. So delicious! I make several trips there to buy cue for my mother-in-law who lives in Asheboro. She always wants us to bring her some when we go to visit. That's how good it is!

  • ecumuse Aug 8, 2008

    Lived in Greenville many years and B's is probably the best you will find. Definitely worth stopping in at if you are in the vicinity. B's used to be open on Saturday lunch and I think they still are- that is the best time to go to avoid the crowd.

  • NCTrue Aug 8, 2008

    The Cue is awesome and the slaw is the best anywhere!

  • dogman1973 Aug 8, 2008

    I went to B's once or twice while in graduate school at ECU...I figure any place that skips on the decor likely puts their efforts into their BBQ...

  • Garnerwolf1 Aug 8, 2008

    Oh yeah, in the spirit of honesty - B's is not perfect. They tend to overcook their chicken. It's still good, just a little dry for my taste. But that 'cue.....
    (Tito, pass me a tissue - I have drool)

  • Garnerwolf1 Aug 8, 2008

    B's is most excellent. If I could bottle the aroma coming out of the cook house, I'd make a fortune as it would make any woman irresistable to all men (all real men anyway). With that said, those of you with 'sensitive' dispositions may turn around and leave after getting inside. It's certainly less than sanitary looking. The decor is 'early second-hand junk' at best. And the building itself looks like a slight breeze would flatten it. But hey, you folks stay away - more for me!!!




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