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Duke wins & I'm happy!

Posted July 22, 2008

Duke wins & I’m happy. That may sound like an odd statement coming from the UNC fan but that’s how I feel today. With nearly 4,700 votes cast in North Carolina’s Favorite Mayonnaise Poll the victory “spread” for Duke’s left the competition in a pile of crumbs. Duke’s solidified its reputation as the upper crust of Southern mayonnaise by slicing a 44% advantage over its closest rival.

Here are the final numbers:

Duke’s 61%
Hellmann’s Real Mayo 17%
Kraft Miracle Whip 13%
Kraft Mayo 8%
Others 1%

Thanks for voting and I appreciate all of your interesting comments. We should tip our hat to Eugenia Duke who created the mayonnaise nearly a century ago in Greenville, SC. I guess it wouldn’t pay to lobby the NC General Assembly to make Duke’s the Official NC Mayonnaise since it is manufactured in the Palmetto State. But, perhaps a resolution is in order. We’ll work on that later. I doubt we can convene a special mayo session of the NC Legislature. That would be spreading our luck a little thin.

Feel free to comment further. I’ve run out of puns.

And I would like to fully disclose that I've never received even a spoonful of free mayonnaise from Duke's! 


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  • k8ered Jul 22, 2008

    LOL @ Celt

  • Celt Jul 22, 2008

    If Duke's ended up dominant in our vote, does that mean we are "in Syncho de Mayo"

  • MaplesMom Jul 22, 2008

    Yeah for Dukes!!! As an NC State Fan it's also seems funny to say YEAH DUKE- but's only for the mayo!

  • fishnett5977 Jul 22, 2008

    Oh but Bill, I think it would make you and Fish the "best of puns"!!!lol I think you rank right up there with him! But yeah, I get your point - Fish HAS been at it longer!!!lol ;)
    But still it would be fun to see what you both could come up with!!! Isnt it time for another contest of some sort??? I guess you can tell I love to play games! Have a great evening!!!

  • bleslie Jul 22, 2008

    fishnett - you are kind to put me in the pun company with Greg. But I must defer - no one can spin a pun like the Fish!

  • prmoose Jul 22, 2008

    Burke Buddy ... From The State newspaper of July 25,2007.

  • prmoose Jul 22, 2008

    Burke Buddy .... Found the story at in a story by Allison Askins of The State newspaper. Sounds good and a potential marketing tool for Dukes!

  • fishnett5977 Jul 22, 2008

    my last one didnt post it goes liket this
    see me slapping my hands over my eyes and groaning - Oh no!!! We now have the Fish Punster and a Leslie one too!!! At least they are spread out - one in the morning one in the evening! Put em both in a jar and dont know which would fall out first - or would we have to grab a spoon to get em out???lol Maybe we need to sandwich in a little game of sorts. See which punster Fish or Leslie is the "King of Puns"? Bet all the other anchors and newsfolks would be glad to see em "duke" it out! I personally think that Fish is on the sharp side while Leslie seems to be the "smooth" operator! What do you other bloggers think?? Think we could talk the Fish and Leslie into this friendly little game? ;) The proof is in the mayo uh I mean pudding!!!lol :)

  • murdock Jul 22, 2008

    Duke's is so good we went to Kings dominion last week and that's what they had!

  • fishnett5977 Jul 22, 2008





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