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Pet Peeve of the Day

Posted July 15, 2008

What is your pet peeve today? Go ahead. Get it off your chest. We gather here for group therapy every day.

Here’s my pet peeve: people who refuse or forget to turn on their headlights in the rain. Maybe it’s laziness but whatever it is it could turn out to be downright deadly! Sunday, while driving back to the Raleigh area from Grandfather Mountain I encountered several intense thunderstorms and several drivers in front and back of me chose not to activate their headlights. I could barely see them. Here’s what the law says:

“Rain reduces visibility and makes pavement dangerous. You may be able to see only a few feet ahead; therefore you should drive more slowly than usual and you MUST use your headlights and windshield wipers!”

Folks, that’s the law! Feel free to give your opinion on this peeve or post another one. 


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  • Milli Jul 23, 2008

    parr4246 - I agree with you 100%. I would also like to add that it grates me when someone states "I'm my child's mom." or any form of a sentence or idea such as that. Why can't you continue to be you and at the same time be a mom, daughter, wife, taxi, worker, etc. etc.? Why do so many women feel obligated to give themselves up completely to their children? and worse... why do they make others feel guilty when they don't do the same? I love my children and would give them the moon of I could. But I am me first. If I could not be me, then how could I be a decent mother to them?

  • christolinahall Jul 17, 2008

    Another annoyance is the cracking of gum. No matter where you go there is always that one person who thinks everyone wants to enjoy their gum. What you do in your living room with your girlfriends is one thing but must we hear this annoying noise in the quiet of theaters, libraries, and even church. Pull out a book on ettiquette, will you!!!!

  • christolinahall Jul 17, 2008

    My pet peeve is when people blow their nose at the table when others are eating. The restroom is usually a few ft away but they will not get up to relieve themselves. Instead, they opt to spoil the appetite of paying customers who have not had the opportunity they had of enjoying their meal. Regardless of the age, this is inappropriate behavior for the dining area. Why not just pick your nose and wipe it on someone's plate?

  • interested viewer Jul 17, 2008

    My pet peeve is folks who move the Triangle and speak negatively about or to Southerners. If you don't like the South then don't move here. If you are already here and find you don't like it, then move back.

  • LambeauSouth Jul 17, 2008

    My pet peeve is People who drive while talking on a cell phone, it does not matter hands free or not. There is no one that can do both correctly... Either pull off the road and finish your conversation or hang up and call them back when you reach your destination.

  • paw6197 Jul 17, 2008

    My pet peeve is people who litter. It's just getting ridiculous! Whether in my yard, or on the side of the road. 540 has become a giant trash heap. You see everything from fast food litter, to furniture, tires, pieces of car wrecks, etc..
    I don't understand people who will drop their trash when walking. Do parents not teach their children anything anymore? Respect the property of others, respect the earth! As a Girl Scout I was taught to leave a place better than you found it.
    Putting trash in the back of your pickup and driving really fast is not taking the trash out. It's a crime. Come on Raleigh, get some pride!

  • NCMOMof3 Jul 17, 2008

    I have a number of pet peeves depending upon the particular personality I am at any given time...before someone has me committed, let me clarify: I am a daughter, wife, mother, sister, daughter in law, committee leader(s), student, volunteer, housewife, child care provider, driver, and the list goes on but you get the idea.

    But one of my pet peeves that can cross all personalities is this: People make a committment to someone then something better comes along and they will break the first committment to go with the second one.

    I understand emergencies. Illnesses, death, things you can not control. But if you make a committment to do something, be somewhere and someone calls you to go visit them, go shopping, go to the beach, go out to dinner, etc, you should honor your first committment and tell the other person you have a prior committment.

    I think that has to top my list as my pet peeve

  • rwest Jul 17, 2008

    Pet Peeve, asking me to pull up and wait at the drive-thru and then my order being wrong...

  • parr4246 Jul 17, 2008

    I hate driving through my neighborhood and seeing the little yellow signs saying "SLOW - CHILDREN AT PLAY"!! Come on parents, the street is not a playground - take the kids to the playground or let them play in your yard not out in the street.

  • nnc Jul 16, 2008

    I know this is superficial, but I hate it when I am hanging up laundry and the hanger I'm trying to get down off the rod gets entangled with the other hangers on either side of it. And then it never fails that the slits in the shoulders of the hangers get further locked up with each other. Why does this bother me so? I don't know.

    I also wish pickle jars were not filled to the top with their liquid. You can't open a new jar without being sloshed with juice.




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