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Who Am I

Posted July 9, 2008

How strong is your NC knowledge? Take the test. Tell us how you did and then leave your own question for others to answer.

1. I am the birthplace of traditional pottery in NC. Who am I?

2. I love a slow crawl. I am the official state reptile. Who am I?

3. I am sweet and have a long and funny name. I am the official state fruit. Who am I?

4. I was the final stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway with a great Avery County view. Who am I?

5. Noah Porter built me in 1832. I am a beacon. Who am I?

6. I am currently hosting the most remarkable archaeological discovery of the 20th century. Who am I?

7. I am a kid’s museum and I’m on a roll in Raleigh. Who am I?

8. I was born near Manteo in 1587. I dare you to guess who I am?

9. I designed Pinehurst 2. Who am I?

10. I was the hero at the Battle of Cowpens. Who am I and what town was named after me?


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  • lovetheheels Jul 9, 2008


    Would that be Thelonious Sphere Monk from Rocky Mount?

  • murdock Jul 9, 2008

    maeveduir, you're right about Fort Branch, near Hamilton, NC. I grew up there.

    Re: scratch pad, probably more along the lines of loofah rather than cleaning, but I guess you could try

  • lindaishere34 Jul 9, 2008

    I am the home of one to one of the finest Bi-polar Pianist / Composer / Jazz Musician's of our time. What town am I?

  • maeveduir Jul 9, 2008

    Fort Branch?

  • maeveduir Jul 9, 2008

    scratch pad? really? That's a new one to me... how cool!

  • murdock Jul 9, 2008

    #5 gourd museum, I think.

    They make wonderful decorations and also serve well as good shakers for kids and good scratch pads for cleaning, etc

  • murdock Jul 9, 2008

    #7 maeveduir's quiz is Used is as a door stop. I think that was on a recent TarHeel Traveler.

    My question is what is the only Fort in the Civil War with Original cannons. Hint: they threw them in the river when the Yankees came.

  • maeveduir Jul 9, 2008

    1. What winter festival is held on Harker's Island?
    2. What is the translation of "Bern" in "New Bern"?
    3. What has been given the title of nation's safest beach? Hint- it's b/c there are no tides or currents
    4. It is believed to be the largest free-standing ellipticaol dome in North America... what is it and where is it found?
    5. Angier has a museum dedicated to a very specific versatile plant- what is the name of that museum (bonus points for listing anything you can do with that plant)
    6. What's the highest point on the blue ridge parkway?
    7. How big was the first nugget found at reed gold mine (the nugget that started the whole thing) and what did the Reeds do with a nugget that big?

  • maeveduir Jul 9, 2008

    You go, diverdown! He sure did!

  • maeveduir Jul 9, 2008

    I have to admit, it's a bit of an unfair quiz for me- moons ago, I was on a winning team for the nc history bowl (we won't go into how many moons exactly), and all that nc trivia has stuck in my head- could be why I can never find my car in a parking lot- no room left for things I need to know now.... but give me a few and I'll have one for ya.




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