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Top Secret

Posted May 8, 2008

It’s the best kept secret since Dean Smith’s retirement as basketball coach eleven years ago.  Today’s announcement of the new chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill  follows a lengthy period of silence and secrecy. The school which touts itself as the "people's university" has upset a lot of people by keeping an airtight seal on the selection process.

You can argue that much of the process needs to be confidential to protect potential candidates and cast as wide a net as possible. In previous searches a list of finalists was released. Not this time.

What do you think? Has the UNC Board of Governors been too secret in their search? Should the public have more input in choosing the next leader of a public university such as UNC?


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  • lovetheheels May 8, 2008

    While it's a noble idea to include the public, would they really know what to look for? Typically, these individuals are interviewed and hired by those they will report to - i.e., the Board of Trustees or Governors, whichever applies. This is a high profile, fiscally responsible position and it should not become a popularity contest. And I sincerely doubt laypeople could assess the qualifications of a prospective chancellor unless they are familiar with what they do.

  • m0nky May 8, 2008

    and here i was thinking this was going to be a blog about the hilarious 80's movie starring Val Kilmer.

  • 2thebeach May 8, 2008

    I think the BOG did their job. Their charge was to find a new Chancellor for the university, not to invite invite input from the public.

  • MaplesMom May 8, 2008

    I don't know that the public should be involved with the process, but as a public school the finalists should at least be recognized. I would think it would be an honor to be in tht position. I'm sure the finalists names will leak out in the coming days... if not hours. Taking part in a search committee myself once, I do understand the desire to keep the info under wraps. I could go either way on this one... But after working in academia for a decade- I'm VERY interested to see who's name is revealed.

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