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The Sound of North Carolina

Posted April 29, 2008

Thank you for your excellent comments on The Smell of North Carolina and The Taste of North Carolina. Since we have had so much fun with this theme let’s spin the sensory wheel one more time.

What is The Sound of North Carolina? What natural and man-made sounds define this great state?

Maybe it is sound of snow geese and tundra swans at Lake Mattamuskeet in January. Perhaps it is the roar of a waterfall at Montreat in the mountains?

It could be the gentle and reassuring voice of a grandmother or great uncle. Whatever it is we would like to know about it.

What is The Sound of North Carolina? Let your voice be heard!


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  • Lets Race Apr 30, 2008

    My goodness!! A lot of these postings take me back to my childhood. I can't add too much other than a final "wahoo!" when the last stick of tobacco was hand-looped for the summer. The sounds of laughter, children playing and boats on Jordan Lake when camping. And last but not least, the sound of NASCAR cars on the track in the distance when we camp about a mile from the track. Thanks everyone for stirring up great memories.

  • bleslie Apr 30, 2008

    Gosh, these are good. Got any more? I like tin roof rain in the mountains and laughing gulls at the beach.

  • Wheelman Apr 30, 2008

    As a native who has lived and traveled the entire state for 56 years, I can read all of these entries, close my eyes and hear them all. The one thing that stands out to me is the voices. No matter where you go you hear the conversations, the concerns, the caring. And intermingled is the ability to laugh at ourselves and our troubles. I think this is due in large part to these other sounds that have been listed and the way that they remind us that we live in the best place on God's green earth.

  • stephnc Apr 30, 2008

    Riding my bike as a child in our July 4th parade in the Watts/Hillandale area and getting Mr. Holmes homemade lemonade to quich your thirst. Now I am watching children as this parade has been going on for over 50 years now and still enjoy that homemade lemonade.

  • thinknc Apr 29, 2008

    The sound of a whippoorwill on a summer night, or the sound a ripe Dixie Queen watermelon makes when it splits popping the surface of a pond at sunset, rain on an old tin barn roof, house-rattling thunder on a sultry summer evening....sleet hitting a window, moms calling the family to "Supper!"..........and crickets!

  • drnc Apr 29, 2008

    My father, William Roberson, was a tobacco auctioneer from 1958 to 1994. The sound of the tobacco auction was the culmination of a season's hard work for many North Carolina families.

  • Glomae Apr 29, 2008

    On a clear autumn night in the country, the sound of peanut dryers fill the air. The sound always takes me back to my childhood when the sound meant I would soon help my father load hay so he could feed his "pet" cows for the winter.

  • fishnett5977 Apr 29, 2008

    Forgot one - its been a long time since it's happened but the sound of snow falling - actually its the lack of sound - so quiet so peaceful so calming. It muffles everything and when there is enough on the ground, the stillness and the quiet is so calming to the soul!!! :)

  • Legswilson Apr 29, 2008

    Tree frogs, crickets and whipperwhills on a summer night. Farm tractors sputtering down the back roads and in fields on a hot summer day. Beach music blaring on the radio and waves crashing gently along the shore at the beach during my vacations to the coast. The sounds of the NC State Fair each fall and the cold calm of a winter's morning. Birds singing their songs is a year round sound in my yard. I hope North Carolina remains as natural as possible so we can preserve these sounds.

  • Riverracer8 Apr 29, 2008

    The sounds of bagpipes drifting across MacRae Meadows - the sound of church chimes - and the sound of engines racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway!




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