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Posted March 11, 2008

Thanks for all the great stories about marriage proposals. Our team of judges has taken a long and hard look at the entries and the winner is "The Nailgun Wedding" by At Work. That was a unique, bizarre and yet poignant story.

Congratulations to kmbabygirl for her Southern expression “Goodness Gracious!” This was the top vote getter in our Sweeteashirt contest.

At Work and kmbabygirl should email me at with their names and addresses so we can get them their prizes.

Now from winners to whiners. Justified whining, that is. A Carolina Conversations blogger stopped me during a traffic jam on aisle 3 at the supermarket Sunday afternoon and suggested we do another pet peeve blog.

Today’s question: what is your pet peeve when grocery shopping?

Coming up tomorrow: the first Carolina Conversations novel is complete. Read the exciting details!


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  • patton109 Mar 13, 2008

    My gripe is with people who have a whole lot of groceries, which takes a while for the cashier to scan, and then they wait til all the groceries are scanned before they begin to write their check, which then takes even more time. Why can't they start filling out the check, except for the amount, while the cashier is scanning????

  • uncbabie Mar 12, 2008

    I live in a small tourist town. This summer I was shopping at the little local grocery, with a hand basket and arms full of things (this makes it easier to navigate the store). I stood in line behind this woman who was not "from around here." When the sweet little cashier finished bagging her groceries, she picks them up and walks out the door. Only to leave her cart, right in front of me, blocking me from the cashier. I said, politely yet loud enough where she could hear me, in my daily southern drawl "It's ok ma'am, I'd be more than happy to move this cart for you!" She was out the door and cut her eyes at me. The cashier and I had a good laugh about it. Funny thing is, the same thing happened to me again, a week later, with a different person!

  • MaplesMom Mar 11, 2008

    Now that I have given out my peeves- I'm joining Celt on the praise! There is a cashier at my local store that I absolutely love. I will wait longer to be in his line. He is curteous, friendly and helpful. There are some days when you can see that he is not having a good day and I try to make him smile. I've never written to the manager about how good he is.... Maybe I should. I have even shared reciped with him!!! (AFTER he noticed my food and asked if I was making something in particular.) Celt you are on to something- it felt good bragging on my cashier!!!

  • Wheelman Mar 11, 2008

    Inconsiderate people who stop their cart in the middle of the isle to get something and then ignore you when you are waiting for them to move. Especially after you say "Excuse me!" and they still ignore you. I actually had one "lady" tell me that she was there first and I would have to wait until she was finished. To which I replied that I didn't care who was there first, but that her mother should have taught her to have enough courtesy not to park her cart in the middle of the isle and block it for everyone else. And that she could move it or I would. She left in a huff. Which was fine as long as she moved.

  • Legswilson Mar 11, 2008

    My biggest pet peeve is the moms who bring all their kids and allow them to run wild. Then there are those who let them scream to the top of their lungs and are oblivious to it. I try to shop on weekdays to avoid the crowds and when my groceries are being bagged, I threaten the bagboys with comments like "you scramble my eggs and I'll scramble your head!" It usually works. I also don't like when they suggest I use U-Scan. I say "if I wanted to scan... I'd apply for a job here!"

  • fishnett5977 Mar 11, 2008

    celt - sounds like u know how to "pay it forward" too! ;)

  • dryhumper Mar 11, 2008

    I am sure grocery shopping has to be crazy for you Bill.

    For me I cannot stand the soccer moms who wear skimpy clothes and hit on me. I am guessing they are reaching the menopause mountain and they want me to be their "stock boy" (if you get my drift).

    I also despise the bleach aisle. I have had nightmares about Russian gangsters waterboarding me there. I usually hand the reigns over to my girlfriend so she can take the chance.

  • 39 going on 25 Mar 11, 2008

    wabbly...wobbly!! Nice comment Celt!!

  • 39 going on 25 Mar 11, 2008

    How about the carts I always seem to pick that are the loudest with that dang wabbly wheel!!

  • bleslie Mar 11, 2008

    Nice positive spin, Celt. Thank you.




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