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Will You Marry Me?

Posted March 6, 2008

It was a sultry summer day in the Dairy Queen parking lot in Cary. We were enjoying our usual: vanilla waffle cones dipped in chocolate. The conversation was filled with both excitement and uncertainty.

Cindy Miller and I were talking about my job offer from a radio station in Norfolk. The money was good. I would probably take it. Little did I know she would pop the question that would change my life. "Will you marry me?" Isn't that what the guy is supposed to ask? Well, not in this case.  Cindy popped the question. More than three decades later we still laugh about it. Things have worked out very well.

What about you? I will send a signed copy of my “Peaceful Journey” DVD to the person with the most unusual wedding proposal story. Please share.

Elizabeth Gardner was also the forward one. She proposed to her beau Tripp while kayaking on a wild and scenic river in the mountains. Lynda Loveland says her man nervously pulled a diamond ring out of a sock and proposed.

Valonda Calloway had a more traditional and romantic proposal with her favorite fellow cooking dinner and uncorking the question at the stroke of midnight as 1999 gave way to a new millenium.

Enough about us. What about you?


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  • Southernbornbarb Mar 10, 2008

    My husband and I had been to a party one December night. At the time we had been dating about 3 months on weekends as he was in college at the time. His proposal was "Do you think we could make a go of it if we got married"? We married exactly 3 months later. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this week - March 13th.

  • GRush Mar 7, 2008

    He said "This wasn't how I planned to do this, but will you marry me?" Of course I said YES! and I must have screamed it out. Remember, now, we were in the middle of campus with students all around. The first person to come up to me then was the guy that I had been dating when our friends set me up on the blind date with Mike in the first place. Turned out that Tony and Mike were friends, and when he found out that Mike had asked me out, he wouldn't ask me anymore.He ended up being one of the groomsmen in the wedding, and the friend who encouraged the process along performed the ceremony and his wife was my matron of honor. We will celebrate 26 years in May, so I guess it worked.

  • GRush Mar 7, 2008

    My husband and I had met before, but our first date was a literal "blind date". (He's totally blind; we were set up by some friends. I still don't remember any of the plot of the movie Jaws beyond the shark in the water.) My mother objected mightily to me even dating a guy with such bad prospects. Of course, the more she objected the more we were determined to stay together. We were in the college student center talking to a friend of ours and complaining about the fact that my mother was driving us nuts. Our friend said to me "Are you going to marry Mike?" to which I replied "When he asks me to." Then he asked Mike, "Are you going to ask her?" and Mike said something to the effect of, "Well, yeah." Our friend then said, "well, I guess you are engaged, then. We'd better go to class." We all three walked across campus, but Mike didn't have a class at that point so he and I stopped outside the building for a minute and he said, (continued...)

  • johnthecynic Mar 6, 2008

    My future husband and I were camping with his family at a "rustic" campground in West Virginia. To get some privacy we walked up a very dark winding road. There were no lights of any kind except the moon and stars and a million lightning bugs. You literally couldn't tell what were stars and what were the lightning bugs. We were surrounded by dots of light. He hugged me tight and whispered "marry me". The answer of course was "yes". The next day we walked up the same road and stopped by the same spot and discovered that there were people camping right there. We had had an audience and didn't know it. Seventeen years later we are still newlyweds.

  • Smokey205 Mar 6, 2008

    My (boyfriend) was being transfered to another job in Maryland so the night before he left, he showed up at my apt with a dozen red roses and as we walked downstairs I show a black limousine waiting for us. We had dinner at Oscar's Supper Club in Raleigh. We had recently taken dance lessons so we danced a few times. Then back at our table the waiter delivered a cake with writing on it that said "I'll be back" when I saw this I got all teary-eyed. When I looked up, he was beside me down on one knee and said "And when I get back, will you marry me". I opened up the box which contained the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen". We married one year later and will this year celebrate our 16th anniversary!

  • dianebearden Mar 6, 2008

    My husband and I met on a blind date. The date was Thursday night with the woman who set it up with her husband. Three days later he asked me to marry him. I said yes. He gave me a white gold ring that he wore on his right hand. It was very big so a friend told me to put yarn on it. I did as she said and wore it proudly. Till the unthinkable happened we went to a mexican bar & grill for drinks on Wednesday. He parked and told me to stay in the car. I thought being a gentleman opening my door. It also happened to be raining at the time. He opened the car door got down on one knee and said, I am sorry I need my ring back. I was devastated. He said lets replace it with this one. Of course I said yes again. After knowing each other for just seven short days we were engaged officially. Married sixty five days later. that was Ten years ago. I LOVE THAT MAN OF MINE.

  • happy Mar 6, 2008

    I had been dating my boyfriend for 4 years. He had taken a job that had him traveling about 48 weeks out of every year. I would see him for a day here or a day there. He came home late Christmas eve, knowing he would have to fly out the next day. I suggested we give each other a small gift that night. I had purchased "The Five Languages of Love" books for each of us. All romantic, right? Well, he hands me a container of jewelry cleaner. I thought, "OK...I needed that." So as I go to get up, he said, "I hope you will use it to clean this," and opens the black box with my engagement ring. I melted! We haven't gotten married yet (this was 2 years ago now)but my ring is still as shiny as the day he gave it to me. We are getting married this year.

  • natalieknorris Mar 6, 2008

    My husband proposed by putting the ring in the refrigerator. He had been shopping that day and I was joking about him buying me a ring. I went to pick up take-out and when I returned he asked me to get him a drink. When I opened the refrigerator, there was the ring. We just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.

  • horton81 Mar 6, 2008

    Thank goodness, I am not the only one to get a ring out of a sock!! And I am not kidding! My man handed me a sock and asked me to look in it, so romantic. But I have to say after 14 years of marriage, it was the best sock I have ever been handed.

  • Chuck U Farley Mar 6, 2008

    My wife was watching a sci-fi show on TV. I couldn't get her to turn it off so I could propose. When I finally got a chance to ask, her reply was "probably".

    Thankfully she became more sure as time went on. We have been married 9 years now :-)




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