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Friday's Name Game!

Posted February 22, 2008

Recently I sat down with Carolina Panthers play-by-play announcer Mick Mixon for a delightful meal in Nashville, TN. We were there attending an awards program for television stations. Mick and I have a lot in common. We both graduated from UNC, got into broadcasting and are musicians. We both have very big names. Mick's name is Forest Orion Mixon III. My name is William Augustus Leslie III or as my sisters call me "Willie, the One, Two Three."

I was fascinated to learn about Mick's interest in music. He is a percussionist in two bands. His latest band is located in Charlotte and it's called "Mick Mixon and the Ultras" named after a favorite beverage. Mick also has a band in Chapel Hill where for 16 years he worked as the brilliant color commentator for the Tar Heels Sports Network with Woody Durham. Mick's Chapel Hill band is called "Franklin Street" and they play all over the state.

Names are so important. You want them to be crisp and clear but catchy. Please help me come with names for the following:

A band that plays at parties and wedding dinners:

A NC brewed beer:

A NC based speakers bureau:

A NC real estate firm:

Environmental group:

Anti Litter Slogan:

Okay here are my ideas. I'm sure some of these names have already been taken but just for the fun of it here are my picks. My band would be called "The Heavy Hors d'oeuvres." I'd name the beer "North State Stout" or "Tar Heel Moon." I'd go with "Tar Heel Talk" for a speaker's bureau and "Carolina Dreams" for a real estate firm. My environmental group would be "The Green Machine." And my new anti littering campaign complete with thumb and index finger would be "Littering is for Losers."

Next week, the Tar Heel Novel returns! Have a great weekend!


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  • luvtoshag Feb 22, 2008

    A band that plays at parties and wedding dinners: Shake A Leg

    A NC brewed beer: Blue Ridge Beer

    A NC based speakers bureau: Magnolia Charm

    A NC real estate firm: American Dream Realty

    Environmental Group: Fresh Air & Sparlking Water

    Anti Litter Slogan: Keep it clean & green

  • thefensk Feb 22, 2008

    A band that plays at parties and wedding dinners: Jammin'

    A NC brewed beer: The Old North Slake

    A NC based speakers bureau: Bespoken

    A NC real estate firm: The Landed Elite

    Environmental group: Fowl Weather Friends

    Anti Litter Slogan: Enough Already!

    I knew someone a while back who was trying to market some bottled spring water borrowing an icon from Bill's Alma Mater.
    "Old Well" Water ... he seemed somewhat taken aback when I pointed out that people unfamiliar with UNC would just think it was perhaps OLD well water. Doesn't sound too appetizing, does it?

  • LMRA Feb 22, 2008

    Thanks Bill! I have three very creative and funny people working with me and we got together on a 'coffee break' and quickly came up with our ideas!

    Lisa (and David, Janet and Beverly)

  • bleslie Feb 22, 2008

    IMRA - you really made me laugh with your creative suggestions!

  • LMRA Feb 22, 2008

    Band: Barbie and the Q's or The Barbie Q's or Barbie Q and the Slaws (assumed female lead singer)
    Beer: Tar Heel Suds or Hoops and Hops
    Speaker's Bureau: A Pack of Heels
    Real Estate Firm: Cool Your Heels Real Estate
    Environmental Group: Carolina Blue Skies or Clean Beaches to Clear Mountain Air
    Anti Litter Slogan: Y'all Quit Litterin'

  • murdock Feb 22, 2008

    A band that plays at parties and wedding dinners: Dance Til You Drop

    A NC brewed beer: don't know about that one

    A NC based speakers bureau:

    A NC real estate firm: Murphy/Manteo Realty

    Anti Litter Slogan: didn't we do this a while back?

    As for the novel, can't wait. Mdoodle and I have some interesting twists in the making already. Been a busy week this week, so I didn't comment yesterday on it.

  • carolina buckeye Feb 22, 2008

    Names are important. Here's my list. Band--The Honey Moonlighters, Beer--Black Beard Lager, speakers bureau--Southern Charmers, NC Realtor--Appalachian to Coast Realty Enterprises(ACRE), environmental group--Tar Heel Tree Huggers, anti-litter slogan--Don't be trashy. Have a great day.

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