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Tar Heel Romance

Posted February 5, 2008

How does a North Carolinian say “romance?” With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would open up a discussion with the following questions.

Name the most romantic bed & breakfast.

Name your favorite chocolate.

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day ever?

What is the most romantic town in North Carolina?

What is the most romantic homemade gift you have ever received?

What is your most humorous Valentine experience?

By the way, we will announce the winners of the Winter Skies Photo Contest tomorrow!

Thanks for your help with Monday’s Super Bowl question. Feel free to add more names to the list.


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  • feistync Feb 13, 2008

    Most romantic b&b: The Lion & the Rose, Asheville, NC.

    Best chocolates: Ancient Pleasures from Chocolate Fetish, Asheville, NC. I'm so spoiled - I don't think any other chocolates can hold a candle to those from Chocolate Fetish.

    Most romantic NC town: Asheville, of course!

    Best Valentine's Day: Any of those spent with my husband.

  • Celt Feb 5, 2008

    1. Most romantic B & B--my wife and I go to one every year on our anniversary. Our favorite (so far)is the Graystone Inn in Wilmington. 2. Favorite chocolate--Hershey's Special Dark 3 and 5. Favorite Valentine's Day and Gift--when my daughter was born, she was given a 1 in 100 chance to live. We spent day in and day out at her incubator. I would sing to her, talk to her, hold her hand. And each night when we left we prayed that she would not be alone, that she would not be afraid, and that if she passed away that night, that she would know we loved her. When Valentine's Day rolled around, my wife gave me a handmade plaque with a picture of our daughter in her incubator--and the words, "Anyone can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Daddy." It was a memorable and wonderful day and gift. It was the most wonderful gift I have ever received. 4. Most romantic town? Hmmmm. I would have to say Montreat because of the setting.

  • tripletmommy Feb 5, 2008

    Let's see...
    Most romantic B&B: The Aerie in New Bern
    Favorite chocolate: DARK
    Favorite Valentine's Day: Never been a big deal, but last year being on bed rest wasn't too fun!
    Most romantic NC town: Asheville
    Most romantic handmade gift: Photo collage from my husband for my 20th birthday
    Most humorous Valentine's story: Probably last year when my husband tried to call and order take-out from Outback for an hour and a half! He said it was harder than getting concert tickets!

  • fishnett5977 Feb 5, 2008

    #1- never stayed in a B&B - any suggestions?
    #2- Godiva - milk or dark chocolate!Yum!
    #3- The first Valentine's Day my current hubby and I had back in
    1991. Made him steak with the works and purchased a small
    heart-shaped cake for us! Just us, no kids!
    #4- Sunset Beach, NC
    #5- It wasnt romantic but really sweet - a punched tin heart made by my middle son in grade school! I still hang it on our Christmas tree!!! #6- Had to be this past Saturday-on the way to the NC Chocolate Festival at Morehead City! My hubby takes me there for our pre-Valentines treat! He was dressed in his black cowboy hat red plaid shirt and sunglasses. He went into a store there at the intersection of Hwy 55 and Hwy 70. When he came out he said the lady in there asked for his autograph - cause she thought he was Hank Williams Jr!!!! lol I laughed all the way to Morehead City - and told him be thankful she didnt think he was Charlie Daniels!!!

  • MaplesMom Feb 5, 2008

    Fun survey Bill!
    Name the most romantic bed & breakfast? Never been to one. But I would love to go to one in Edendton called Captin Quarters Inn.
    Name your favorite chocolate. Godiva: white chocolate raspberry filled starfish.
    What was your favorite Valentine’s Day ever? The best is yet to come....
    What is the most romantic town in North Carolina? Asheville

    What is the most romantic homemade gift you have ever received? My husband wrote me a love letter. I cherish that letter more than anything and keep it in my bible.
    What is your most humorous Valentine experience? The year that the Movie Groundhoud day came out. My beau at the time took me to see that, then gave me a corny card that said valentines on the front then when you opened it up- it said happy groundhogs day.He laughed and it was hilarious. I was less than impressed; however, it is funny looking back...

  • lynneslaughter Feb 5, 2008

    My most favorite Valentines day was in 2004. I planned a trip to the outerbanks for my hubby. we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Nags Head. We ate at a fantastic resturant called Windmill Pointe. It was a feast of appetizers, wine, dessert (white chocolate mousse in a praline shell) and the best ever main corse of seafood and beef. He was so suprised. The weekend far exceeded any other Valentines that I could remember. WE took loads of pics and visited all the local lighthouses too.

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