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Stress Buster

Posted January 31, 2008

Feeling stressed? I'm no doctor but I think I have a powerful prescription for anxiety at least in the short term.

Carve out a few minutes today and take a look at the Winter Skies Photo Contest entries. When I scan the images I find all my tension melting away. If I look long enough I feel transported to the scene as I soak in the calm beauty.

Not to spoil the relaxed mood but I have a deadline to tell you about.

Today is the last day for entries in the Winter Skies Photo Contest. Next week our judges will sit down for the tough job of deciding a winner. You can help us.

Today's question: what is your favorite photo among the entries so far? Feel free to get your friends to vote as well.


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  • Travised Jan 31, 2008

    Sometimes I wish I was out near the Coal burner on a windy day for a photo. You can see the exhaust almost laying over in higher winds on leaving the stacks. Makes it easy to tell the direction of the wind.

    I'm just getting the feel for my new camera. I hope to capture pictures of this magnitude with it. Good job to all that entered.

  • ajstarrrn Jan 31, 2008

    Every photo is beautiful! I meant to enter this contest, but never got a picture that I liked enough. My favorite is #9.

  • Cold Hard Truth Jan 31, 2008

    # 47

  • Legswilson Jan 31, 2008

    Very, very difficult. My vote is for #121... a very typical winter sky for me.

  • Celt Jan 31, 2008

    Wow! This is hard, because the pictures are so great. I was looking for one that (1) was unmistakably winter and (2) captured the mood of winter for me. I narrowed it down to nine, and finally decided on #29.

  • fishnett5977 Jan 31, 2008

    PS I am GLAD I'm not a judge - they are ALL works of art in my eyes! :) oops - mine is not 129 its 128!!!lol

  • fishnett5977 Jan 31, 2008

    PS I am GLAD I'm not a judge - they are ALL works of art in my eyes! :)

  • fishnett5977 Jan 31, 2008

    If I pick my own(number 129 today) that would be bad form! lol So I pick number 7 today! Cause it gives a great idea of the area of Sunset Beach - and yes, I am playing favorites!lol ;) Dont know who sent it in, but it is beautiful! But they all are! North Carolina has some very talented folks!!! :)

  • no more - no less Jan 31, 2008

    There is beauty all around us.

  • Kathleen Jan 31, 2008

    There are so many beautiful photos, it is hard to choose! But I think #129 is the most striking of all....




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