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Winter Escape

Posted January 16, 2008

What is the perfect winter escape in North Carolina? The holidays are history, the weather is blustery and life can be a bit cold itself this time of year. How about a grand or simple getaway to some place that will revive your spirits and recharge your batteries?

I can think of about a half dozen places I’d like to visit. One is Asheville. If you’re a big band and swing dance fan there is a program devoted to that this weekend at the Grove Park Inn. That big stone fireplace at the Grove Park is one of my favorite winter havens.

What about you? Where would you like to go and what would you like to do?

In the meantime, my apologies for my tardiness in determining the contest winners for Water Warriors and The Year Ahead. I love reading your responses but I always have such a difficult time coming up with the winners. Okay. Here goes. Chris234 wins for Water Warriors and Celt takes the prize for The Year Ahead. Please email me at with your address and what album you would like. Congratulations!

Don’t forget to submit your images for the Winter Skies Photo Contest. Tomorrow’s weather might inspire you!


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  • cjack55 Jan 17, 2008

    Bill, I just wanted to say "good job" on picking the winner of "The Year Ahead" blog. After I read Celt's entry, I sent him a message & told him he should definitely win (no, I don't know him personally at all, I was just really touched by what he wrote). He deserved it! Thank you for choosing him!

  • 2thebeach Jan 17, 2008

    My winter escape is our soundside cottage, with downeast style clam chowder, some oysters (any way you can fix them), and a good fire. The mountains are nice, but the beach in the winter time is hard to beat.

  • missparrothead Jan 16, 2008

    A mtn cabin back in woods, with a fresh snowfall of about 8 inches where I could go hiking and cross country skiing. Aaahhh. After a full day in the cold, retire to a nice warm bath (a rare moment these days), build a big fire in the fireplace, and have a nice cozy dinner with wine. Aaaahhh..

  • Riverracer8 Jan 16, 2008

    I've had a winter escape like this in mind for quite some time. I'd love to be in a cozy log cabin with my family in the woods, high up on a mountain, and get snowed in. That is, as long as I have plenty of food, water, firewood, and the electricity stays on! It would be so relaxing to be in a beautiful place like that. I've just got to figure out how to be in a cabin up there when a big snow comes.....

  • tangerine Jan 16, 2008

    For me, my favorite winter escape is my upstairs family room, sitting by the dormer window, watching the snow, accompanied by some really good coffee...alas, this is mostly a "mind escape" since there really hasn't been measurable snow here in eastern NC (Nash County aka God's Country) in many years...maybe tomorrow? Until then, I'll continue my "snow dreams"...

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