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Wanted: TV Series Ideas

Posted November 5, 2007

Okay.  You've seen the news.  Television writers have gone on strike in Hollywood.  Reruns are on the horizon.  Panic!   Hardly.  This is your chance. 

Picket line.  Snicket line.  While you may sympathize with those writers you also would like an opportunity to get your own TV series idea considered by the executives in Hollywood. 

What is your own idea for a new television series?  North Carolina based ideas are preferred with this exercise but not required.  Andy Griffith did it with Mayberry more than 40 years ago.  Now, it's your turn.

I've got some cool CDs for the top three ideas. 

And maybe with the help of this entire blogging team we can find a way to get those grand ideas in front of the top dogs in LA.

So what's your idea?


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  • ghimmy47 Nov 7, 2007

    DEA agent in a coastal community posing as a shrimp boat captain while trying to interdict smuggling ... good opportunity for historical flashbacks, treasure wrecks and working with the USCG and Marines.

  • Glomae Nov 6, 2007

    My show would be be titled "Carolina Cookin'". The host would travel around the state to our local eateries and not only feature the local cuisine but also the history behind the restaurant and the locals who frequent it. It would be a good way to promote tourism and to learn the "real" history of our state.

  • Beth-etc Nov 6, 2007

    I think I'll call my series DINNER GUESTS. It's set in one of those cool old houses on Blount St, near the Governor's Mansion. An oblivious writer mom lives with her two teenaged daughters. Unfortunately for the girls, whenever mom is struggling with a particularly ornery character, he or she shows up for dinner. One day there might be a villain or a hot police detective or a mean cheerleader. Around the dinner table, the character's issues with their subplot get resolved and the characters go back to the manuscript to meet their fate. Of course, the girls find it difficult to bring friends home--since they never know who is going to show up at the table. And it would really be nice if their writer-mom could occasionally have issues with a maid or a cook--so that the house would look nice and the dinner would actually be good.

  • Legswilson Nov 6, 2007

    How about a drama with biotech employees or a setting at the EPA in RTP? I would show the lives of possibly 2 or 3 main characters who hold positions at various levels within the organization and their involvement in the community. One would have a kid in college at one of the local Triangle universities and the agency would be dealing with current threats of bioterrorism. There could also be a local family with a small organic farm in the community where the agency is secretly conducting tests. The family begins to notice that some of their products are contaminated but don't know how... thus their interactions with the agency.

  • davidgnews Nov 6, 2007

    "Miracle on Jones St." - citizens of NC take back the legislature from special interests and powermongers and not only promote beneficial laws, but repeal old and outdated ones from the books.

  • feistync Nov 6, 2007

    how about this: two high school basketball players share the same father, but one has been estranged from the father and scorned by his brother all his life. they're forced to work together when they end up on the same basketball team. teenage angst ensues in the little town of tree hill, nc. oh wait! that's been done - "one tree hill." ;)

  • no more - no less Nov 6, 2007

    I would like a series based on a small NC fishing village set back in time a bit that would give you the same feel as the "Andy Griffin Show".

  • murdock Nov 6, 2007

    unfortunately, the BRAGG idea is already in play - called Army Wives

    another idea -- NC in the future -- what will happen with farms and textiles, and will the drought ever end??

  • luvtoshag Nov 6, 2007

    Since NC has 100 counties, that's a lot of episodes, visit each county, pick a family or person and share the story of their lives with viewers. It could be an hour show so the visit could last a week and then after editing, you would have enough content for an hour (with commericals included). That would give viewers a chance to see how others in different parts of the state live, challenges they have, etc. It could be called "Calling North Carolina Home".

  • NCSUPackfan Nov 6, 2007

    Re: cindy234's idea called BRAGG. Maybe the main character, the officer or seargant be a woman and she not only has to take care of her soldiers, her country, but also her family.




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