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Funny Signs

Posted October 5, 2007

What is the funniest sign you have ever seen?

Mike Boyd of Cary sent me one that made me howl.  Maybe it's because my kids are older with my son in college and my daughter just out of college.

The grocery store sign reads: "Unattended children will be given an expresso and a free puppy."

Here is another one I like. It was at a plumbing shop: "We repair what your husband fixed."
And finally, a sign at a cemetery reads: "Persons prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own graves."

What funny signs have you seen lately?


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  • ImAmLeJo Oct 8, 2007

    "I didn't know that when I said 'I DO', that I'd do everything"

  • drsickles Oct 8, 2007

    My mom used to drive past a church in Holly Springs on her way to work in Raleigh that offered "Drive-By Tithing".

  • Air Biscuit Oct 8, 2007

    In a Fayetteville men's room:

    "Please don't throw cigarette butts into the makes them soggy and hard to light!"

  • tbfromnc Oct 8, 2007

    in Cary... on the Cary Pky. approaching the construction zone near the intersection of Tryon road...

    "Police Officer Ahaed" it was there for several days before sombody noticed the misspelling.

  • allison842 Oct 8, 2007

    saw an artsy photograph that captured this: a cemetery, with a "No Passing Zone" sign in the foreground.

  • JerryO Oct 8, 2007

    Saw this one at a restaurant at Lake Tahoe. "If you're in a hurry, you're in the wrong place"

  • Stephen Oct 8, 2007

    Another favorite I've seen was a large sign in huge letters: "CAUTION: THIS SIGN HAS SHARP EDGES. Do not touch the edges of this sign." And below in fine print: "Also, the bridge is out ahead."

  • Stephen Oct 8, 2007

    Seen in a dog park: "Attention Dog Guardians: Pick up after your dogs. Thank you. Attention Dogs: Grrrrr, bark, woof. Good Dog."

  • rebekah816 Oct 8, 2007

    A couple of signs my friend has in her house...

    'If you're smoking in here, you better be on fire.'

    'Please do not flush toilet when train is in station.'...(that one actually came off of a train, many moons ago)

    And my personal fave...(no offense meant)...

    'Dyslexic devil worshipers sell their souls to Santa.'

  • ckblackm Oct 7, 2007

    Here's one I keep in our "guest" bathroom. Our Aim is to keep the Bathroom clean. Gentlemen: Your aim will help. Stand closer; It's shorter than you think. Ladies: Please remain seated for the entire performance.




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