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Posted October 1, 2007

Discovering North Carolina - one county at a time!

Today we begin a once a week feature on Carolina Conversations. We'll focus on one North Carolina county highlighting interesting historical, environmental and geographical features.

First stop: Perquimans County. Just in case you're wondering, this is how you pronounce it:  purr-KWIH-muns.

I picked this county first because, quite frankly, I don't know a lot about it. I have traveled through this northeast county only a few times that I can recall. I have flown over Perquimans several times in my Sky Five journeys to the coast as an environmental reporter.

Here are a few of things I've learned about Perquimans County. The official motto is: "Southern Hospitality in a Waterfront Setting." It's one of our older counties at around 400 years. And it is the home of a unique colonial era boat called the periauger.

Today's questons : What else should people know about Perquimans County?

Does anyone know how the county got its name?


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  • bleslie Oct 1, 2007

    Land of beautiful women! That is so poetic. I feel a song coming on.

  • eyesblue Oct 1, 2007

    Bill...thanks for paying attention.

  • winslow Oct 1, 2007

    I live here now, so I learn a little every day. Very interesting place. My husband was born and bred here, and was ready to move back home, so here we are! Very close knit little town!

  • Silver loves Rebel Red puppies Oct 1, 2007

    It's ok! Learning about stuff like this is one of my favorite things to do, so i really get on the trail pretty quick (no pun intended!)

  • winslow Oct 1, 2007

    Sorry I just saw someone posted that too!

  • winslow Oct 1, 2007

    Perquimans is an Indian name meaning "The Land of Beautiful Women". It is a very nice little southern town surrounded by water!

  • Silver loves Rebel Red puppies Oct 1, 2007

    I just had to know.
    Perquimans, meaning "land of beautiful women," was named by its earliest inhabitants, the Yeopim Indians, a branch of the family of Algonquians.

  • Silver loves Rebel Red puppies Oct 1, 2007

    This is a good project. Since my company does so many projects for State Parks, that has really made me more aware of all the cool places to visit there are in NC. I read that Hertford, which is the county seat there, was the state capital until 1716, and the Newbold-White house is the oldest house, (by that I assume they mean residence) open to the public in NC.

  • thefensk Oct 1, 2007

    This is a great project, Bill. I had to go google the county to even know where it was. I did note that Hertford was the home of pitcher Catfish Hunter.

  • blytle Oct 1, 2007

    My grandmother grew up in Perquimans County and her family before her lived there for a number of years. They were Quakers and, in researching the family tree, it seems that there was a large group of Quakers living in that area. Her maiden name was White. I wonder if she had any ties to the Newbold-White House that lesliesnow mentioned? Bill, this is a great idea since there are so many great counties in NC to learn about!




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