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Only 15 States To Go!

Posted August 30, 2007

35 down. Only 15 states to go in our quest to hear from Carolina Conversations blog readers in all 50 states.

Today will be crucial. We really need to nail down most of those 15 today since tomorrow is the deadline and the start of a holiday weekend.

Please, if you know someone in the following states, have them leave a comment on this blog or email me directly at about what they miss or appreciate about North Carolina:







North Dakota



Rhode Island

South Dakota



West Virginia


Highlights from yesterday included a post from former Miss Garner Leigh Tulloss who now lives near the North Pole in Alaska and works in the military with her husband. Leigh misses family and friends, the Outer Banks beaches, great Raleigh restaurants and come winter the mild weather.

Early this morning I heard from Raleigh native “Kaylor” who is traveling in Cambodia. Kaylor misses Carolina football games, chilly autumn nights, the NC State Fair and Cheerwine.

Former Catawba County Assistant District Attorney Tom Barrows, now a successful lawyer in Delaware, misses the food, especially NC barbecue which he calls “the best on the planet.”

Bergiejk lives now in Minnesota and misses fine friends from West End.

Thank you very much for playing along. Let’s bring home those 15 remaining states today!


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  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    I love the beauty, serenity and environmental responsibility of Vermont! And I love this Green Mountain greeting from Patti:


    Perhaps I created a new chat my profile, I found my comment.

    Vermont is checking in! I've lived in Vermont for 16 years and love it here, but I will always be proud to be called a North Carolinian. I grew up in Raleigh and come back to see family often. I miss the NC beaches, especially the Salter Path Family Campground (which is now closed). I miss the camellias blooming. I miss oak trees (we don't have very many, though I've planted two in my yard). I miss the diversity of people.
    GOLO member since August 30, 2007 August 30, 2007 2:49 p.m. Vermont has been HOT the past few days (high 80s is hot here since no one has AC). The leaves are starting to show fall is coming. I'm always amazed at how early some trees change. Thanks for asking. Patti

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    More from dear Meredith in Birmingham:

    I miss my family, my small hometown and knowing everyone I passed when I drove down the main drag.

    And I am not just saying this, but I truly miss the fine newscast and professionalism of WRAL –TV and The News and Observer. Birmingham could never compare.

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    Just received another wonderful email from Meredith Carswell-Sheline in Birmingham, Ala,

    As soon as I pass the “Welcome to NC sign” on Interstate 95 I roll down my window to breathe in the NC air. I am sure it is a bit dramatic to my husband who grew up in Michigan, but it is just one more way for me to emphasize how much I miss home.
    As we approach fall I am reminded of the crisp cool mornings as I walked to class across UNC’s campus. The leaves were so brilliant in their hues of scarlet and crimson, canary yellows and golden orange.
    I miss the eclectic culture of downtown Durham and Chapel Hill, the progressiveness of Charlotte and RTP and the laid back attitude of The Crystal Coast.
    I miss the intensity of the nail biting basketball games between UNC and Duke, the enthusiasm my professors taught with and the absolute serenity of Carolina’s campus early in the morning.
    I miss pastries at Foster’s Market, the IPA at Top of the Hill and the salad sampler at Caroli

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    The emails keep coming in. This one from three time zones away:
    Hi ya Bill,
    My name is Harold Darden and I live in Beaverton Oregon.I am originally from Goldsboro.I read WRAL daily online to keep up with what is going on back there.What I really miss is the BBQ from Bill Ellis in Wilson.If you could send me and my family some that would be great,they have never had true BBQ pork.I also miss watching WRAL news.
    Thanks,now you have Oregon to add your list.
    Harold Darden

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    It's Almost Heaven to hear from Jessica. Here is her email:

    West Virginia here. I would never leave NC to go back to ole WV. To much snow and to many mountains. I love the north Carolina flat land.

    Jessica W.

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    Three cheers for the Gary family coming through with Hawaii first and now Alabama with this email:

    Hello Bill,

    This is Andrew Gary from across the street. Well, I guess that I was from across the street a couple of years ago as your neighbor. I hope that all is going well for you. In response to your request for input from all 50 states on your blog at, I will contribute a couple of thoughts on North Carolina from the state of Alabama where I currently live with my wife, Julia. The things that I miss the very most about North Carolina are the mountains and everything to do with them. The colors of the trees are always spectacular, especially in the fall. But you don't have to visit them in the fall to enjoy the beautiful picture that the Appalachians paint on the canvas of the clear NC sky. How refreshing it is to stop at one of the scenic overlooks on the Appalachian trail and breath in deep breath of dry, cool mountain air, which is a welcome change from the soaring hu

  • bornbredtarheel Aug 30, 2007

    Bill - I've got aunts and uncles galore in Alabama!! Most live in or around the small town of Montavallo, which has a university there...

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    That previous post came in an email from Wyoming:

    Phil Baigas

    MS Candidate

    Department of Renewable Resources
    College of Agriculture
    University of Wyoming

  • bleslie Aug 30, 2007

    I grew up in Charlotte, attended AppState, lived in Hickory for a two yrs, and then came west, first via Jackson, WY -> Helena, MT -> Dillon, MT -> Gillette, WY -> Laramie, WY.

    What I miss most in NC, in no particular order:

    The smell of rain in a hardwood forests,
    river smallmouth bass,
    native brook trout, inhabiting the most beautiful stream reaches,
    front porch folk song pickin’,
    sweet tea,
    Merlefest, Roanoake River stripers, Pocosin Lakes country, the Appalachian trail, Wilson Creek, UNC basketball, Pinehurst courses, places like the Pour House in Raleigh, Jack of the Wood in Ashville, Murphy’s in Boone, Mellow Mushroom, Rhododendrons on Roan Mtn., boiled peanut stands, mtn apple orchards, blackwater rivers such as the Lumber, and family, of course.

    What I don’t miss:

    traffic, pollution, suburbanization, irresponsible construction projects, watershed destruction, and similar ills brought by unconscionable

  • Lissa13082 Aug 30, 2007

    I am originally from NC and love it here. I married a guy from Utah (we have since divorced), but I went over there a few times to visit and could not WAIT to get back to NC. I was just a year or two away from the possibility of moving there and was dreading it. Just in the time that I spent in Utah, I missed NC terribly. I missed the culture here, the mountains mixed with the flatter terrain and the beaches!!!! I missed being able to go to a resturant and order SWEET TEA!! They looked at you like you were absolutley INSANE if you ordered sweet tea! I missed NC BBQ, the variety of resturants in a small area, the warm weather starting earlier and finishing later in the year and the nice hospitality of people here in general. I took NC for granted until I left it!!




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