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Your Best Summer

Posted August 27, 2007

It’s back to school for thousands of area students today. Many will be asked to write an essay on what they did over the summer. I would like to play the teacher’s role this morning and ask you:

What was your best summer ever as a child?  What summer was the most meaningful or fun or both?  What did you do that made it so special?

Maybe it was the summer you led the Little League in homeruns or the summer you fell in love for the first time.

Maybe it was a golden summer at grandma’s house or the summer work camp in the mountains where you help repair homes of poor families.

Maybe it was the summer when you first learned how to swim or surf or fish.

Maybe it was the summer of the family vacation to Yellowstone when you came face to face with a grizzly.


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  • mom24 Aug 28, 2007

    Summer of '85. My family plus an exchange student from France traveled from central Florida to Los Angeles, CA. The vehicle of choice was a Mini Winnie (Winnebago) with no AC. It took us three weeks and included white water rafting in Colorado, overnight in Phoenix (temperature was 115 degrees that afternoon), a drive through Las Vegas, and real Mexican food in El Paso. It was a fantastic trip, but the beaches on the East Coast are just plain better (not nearly as cold) and the south is a great place to call home.

  • Historians 12th Aug 27, 2007

    Bill here is link to a story I worte about a man from my hometown who died in 1928, hase been buried 3 times, and was on "Unsolved Mysteries" twice since he died. I think you will find this man's life after death fascinating.

  • gator nation gal Aug 27, 2007

    I was in the first or second grade. My family and friends of my parents and their three children spent a month on St. George Island off the panhandle of Florida. There was no bridge at that time and we had to take a ferry across. It island wasn't built up but had concrete block shotgun houses along the beach. Every day we'd be out at the beach swimming and shelling and every night we'd walk along the water's edge at dusk and pick up fresh crabs, mussels, etc. What a wonderful, simple, happy time we had back then!

  • Historians 12th Aug 27, 2007

    I can't say that I had a favorite as they were all special to me. I would spend most of my spare time with my grandfather I called Papaw. The rest of the time was spent working on the farm. We occasionally went on a vacation, but most of the time my family could afford it. But I would not trade my childhood memories for anything, it was some of the best years of my life. I had great parents and a great family. I have written several stories about my memories and I will leave a link for one of them about my Papaw! Thanks Bill!!

  • Lissa13082 Aug 27, 2007

    I would have to say it was in the 90's. I went to church camp in Hendersonville, which turned out to be so much fun that I couldn't wait to go back. About a month after that, I went to a camp for the handicapped and spent the whole week with these amazing kids, helping them, learning about them, and just spending time with them. I went back every summer since then and still remember everything about the weeks that I was there. It was definitly an eye opener that first summer!

  • thefensk Aug 27, 2007

    1968, as a teenager I stayed for a week with my grandparents in San Antonio. But the memorable part was that I spent all day every day at Hemisfair, the World's Fair in San Antonio that year. This was the first time I actually felt out and on my own, exploring every square inch of the fair and spending as much time as I could at every display, pavillion, event. When my parents and the rest of the family came later, I was the tour guide because I knew the fair inside and out. During my lone outings, lthough my available funds were tight, with careful budgeting I did manage to treat myself to lunch in the revolving restaurant in the Tower of the Americas and for me, enjoying the panoramic view during a long relaxing meal, was quite memorable.

  • Question Aug 27, 2007

    When I was 6, we spent the entire summer with my grandmother in the Cotswolds of England. Not my first visit and I've been numerous times since, but I loved spending time with all the English side of my family, going to the local parks, chasing the ice cream man, crawling around on the ~1000 year old Goodrich castle ruins. We just visited again this summer, taking my 8 year old sons. They enjoyed the same type of simple things that I did as a child. It was great to escape the heat and enjoy my family and the beauty of the country. But home is home and I'm always glad to get back to this great country!

  • CestLaVie Aug 27, 2007

    Don't know the exact year, but it must have been in the late 50's when I went to a Girl Scout camp in the Adirondack mountains for 2 weeks. My best friend and I went together. It was so much fun because we loved being outdoors. The mountain air was very cold at night so we had to hunker down in our sleeping bags. All the campers slept in 4-person large tents that had platform floors in them. Daytimes were spent swimming, hiking, canoeing, plus we all had to do a project to "improve" the campsite. Ours was to build a sort-of bridge over a small swampy area, which we did by cutting small pine trees by ax or hatchet (don't remember which!), cutting them into certain lengths & whiplashing them to 2 larger trees we had cut for the base of the bridge. We were sure pleased and proud when we were done.

    I then remember riding home on a Sunday and being excited to hear Elvis Presley's new hit on the car radio, because we had been out of touch with the real world for 2 weeks.

  • no more - no less Aug 27, 2007

    the summer of '78

  • packandcanesfan Aug 27, 2007

    My best summer was the one before my senior year of high school. Almost our entire family took a trip to Boone/Blowing Rock. We had the best time. It was the last trip we took before we suddenly lost our mom the following spring. :( It will always be special in my heart.

    Also seeing the ocean for the first time in Myrtle Beach just as the sun was rising is one that will always mean a lot to me as well.

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