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Flip Flops & Yoga Pants

Posted August 8, 2007

We had a lot of fun recently writing a Tall Tar Heel Tale together. The story began in the mountains along a river and ended in Manteo with an old fish and the discovery of a treasure trove of gold.

Today I would like to enlist your help  writing lyrics to a song. Last week, while the boss was on vacation, one of my favorite co-workers came in laughing about what she was wearing. I joked that it sounded like the start of a country music song. She agreed.

While I will not disclose who that worker is I will borrow her words and wardrobe and begin the song. Please add one line at a time but feel free to return as many times as you’d like. Rhyming is good but not always necessary. If it turns out really well I will craft a melody, record it, send it to Nashville, get rich and retire. Just kidding about the getting rich part.

Okay, songwriters. Are you ready? Here is the opening line to the song. Make it good!

“She was wearing flip flops and yoga pants,”


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  • CestLaVie Aug 9, 2007

    A chance, a chance for a dance and some romance. Oh me, oh my, what a lucky guy am I!

  • At Work Aug 8, 2007

    “She was wearing flip flops and yoga pants,” Our eyes caught at only one glance, but I knew she'd be mine if only I could get a chnace with this girl in flops and yoga pants.

  • ifonly Aug 8, 2007

    and working on her dance.

  • blackdog Aug 8, 2007

    Tom and Greg were decked out in togas.
    When they asked her if she wanted romance,
    She said no time hon,
    I gotta move on, just as soon as I can get wheels on my home.

  • blackdog Aug 8, 2007

    ...At the trailer park she took a stance...
    Not lookin fer love or even a glance.

  • blackdog Aug 8, 2007

    It's alright to write itty bitty,
    itty bitty words in a big ol city.

  • blackdog Aug 8, 2007

    She was our best mobile home corespondent...
    she had a story if you want it.

  • Legswilson Aug 8, 2007

    Okay, so now you know why you've never seen me at the CMA awards!

  • Legswilson Aug 8, 2007

    She was asleep when she stumbled outta bed this morning
    Pulled on her yoga pants cause they didn't need ironing
    No shoes for this pearl cause she's really a country girl
    Headed out the door and drove to the station in her pickup truck

    Walked in, saw Bill and he asked her "what's up?"
    and she told him the air was so thick she was gonna throw up
    and she sure won't wearing a suit in this here heat

    She wore her flip flops and yoga pants
    Still... she was purty enough to catch a glance From all those guys in the newsroom at Channel 5 She was just bein' herself and trying to stay alive Keepin' cool when it's hot outside Wearing her flip flops and yoga pants

  • blackdog Aug 8, 2007

    So I asked her if she had been to Nantucket...




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