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The Awe Factor

Posted July 27, 2007

What places, events and people in your life have left you with a sense of awe?

This question came to mind today as I was talking with Lynda Loveland about taking her three children to the beach for a vacation. I recalled the first time I saw the ocean. The jaw dropping moment for this mountain boy came when I was in the fourth grade. The place was Long Beach which is now called part of Oak Island. Coming up over that bridge, seeing the wide expanse of water and hearing the thunder of the waves.

When and where have you experienced a sense of awe?


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  • lornadoone Jul 29, 2007

    When I hiked the Inca Trail and finally reached my goal of Machu Picchu at the end, I was speechless with amazement. The entire journey left me with a sense of reverence that I've never been able to find elsewhere, and coming upon Machu Picchu itself at the end was incredible. It was there that I can truly say I discovered my soul.

  • packandcanesfan Jul 28, 2007

    Bill, I agree with you about seeing the ocean for the first time. I was 6 and we had left home in time to get to Myrtle Beach just as the sun was coming up. What an awesome sight for my little eyes to behold. We all jumped in the water with our clothes on and I remember my mama's panic because we had yet to rent a place to stay and she just knew that since we looked like wet rats, nobody would let us stay with them. :) Precious memories.

  • wolfmom402 Jul 28, 2007

    Going to the Colca Canyon in the Andes Mountains of Peru. We were up to 16,000 feet before coming back down to 13,000 feet to spend the night in a very small village...where they put hot water bottles in the bed with you because they had no heat. But the views up that high make you feel very, very small and insignificant! What a beautiful world we have!

  • MikeInApex Jul 28, 2007

    The North Pole! I was in an ice camp on an ice floe twice in the mid 80's for two months each time while in the US Navy. Awe barely describes this place and the complete silence on top of the world was like nothing I've ever experienced. I'd go back in a second - except for the polar bears - they have no sense of humor!

  • ADN4now Jul 28, 2007

    Wow, I guess my first "Awe" experience was on top of Black Mountain looking at North Carolina on one side and Tennessee on the other, and the beautiful rhododendron in bloom. My second was walking into Reynolds colliseum during the campus tour...A wolfpack fan all my life, going in felt to me as I imagine a muslim might feel in Mecca. Another awe inspiring place was Nantahala River gorge and the beautiful falls. But the all time awe inspiring experience/sight was my son's beautiful face after 12 hours of labor. I felt awe with each son I gave birth to, but the love and well of emotions that accompanied the birth of my first son, will never be matched.

  • bleslie Jul 28, 2007

    These are all excellent examples. Speaking of helicopter rides in Hawaii we did one across Kauai last summer and it was surreal - probably similar to the Maui trip - vast walls of green and waterfalls flowing everywhere on the interior and then the Na Poli coastline with its brilliant blue waters up against white sand, green vegetation and red dirt. The contrasts were incredible.

  • Greggofish Jul 28, 2007

    As a hungry young man, finding his way in had to be the first time I ever went inside of a Golden Corral. I could not believe that I could eat all I wanted and not get in trouble. I ate til I saw dots in the air........I was definately in awe.......

  • jchalmersnc Jul 28, 2007

    I remember as a young man of 11 the first time I stood and looked over the vastness of the Grand Canyon, that was awe. I experienced the same awe in the middle of St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.

  • pwilliamson53 Jul 27, 2007

    My first awe experience was in Hawaii. My husband and I took a helicopter flight over the island of Maui into the rain forrest. We saw water falls that were amazing and then we flew down into the valley of one of the mountains. As we hoovered around our pilot said to us, look up and it was the most amazing clouds that look like a cathedral. I could hear my father's voice in my head..."I wanted you to be close to me and now you are." Flying is the closest to heaven as you will be until God calls you home. That day I felt my Dad's presents and he had passed away the year before. I felt that was my Dad's way of saying he was at peace and he was telling me to go and enjoy my life with my new husband. It was the most amazing site and the heavens opened up and showed us all.

  • wolfpack_girl1976 Jul 27, 2007

    My first would be my brother getting off the elevator with his new baby. What an awesome experience seeing his love as he held his son.

    Then there's Zion National Park at sunrise on a late September morning. Then the Grand Canyon's north rim at sunset and south rim at sunrise.

    To God be the Glory.




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