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A Tall Tar Heel Tale

Posted July 26, 2007

Storytelling week continues. So far we have concentrated on real life dramas such as getting hit by an airplane, struck by a car, falling down a man hole, getting kicked off a train or losing your captain on a sailboat.

Are you up for creating a Tall Tar Heel Tale together? I did this once during a creative writing class at UNC. I wasn't very good at it but it was a lot of fun. Here's the way it works. One person begins a story with a sentence or two. The next person adds to the story.

Here are the guidelines. We will begin in the mountains of North Carolina and end the story in Manteo. We will mention as many North Carolina places as possible during our journey. We will weave together all of the elements of good storytelling: drama, suspense, conflict, controversy, humor and heroism. We will keep it clean but fun. We will work as a team trying to make good transitions. Each poster should limit his/her contribution to a thought or two at a time but feel free to return as many times as you'd like to add more to the story and keep the plot progressing. Please don't be shy. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

I'll start it off.

"The story begins on the banks of the Cullasaja River. There was lemonade on the lawn and laughter in the air."


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  • Lukey Jul 27, 2007

    "An explosion in Apex" Man here's a story for WRAL. Now what's that thingamagig for reporting news? Being able to hear that explosion meant that the main character in the story was an "Apexonian" or an "Apexian" whatever you prefer. Just what do you prefer?

  • cagerat42 Jul 27, 2007

    The Town of Apex was evacuated because of a chemical explosion.There was a sense of caos.Nobody knew what to do or where to go.Maybe to Mt.Airy for some fishing.Will Old Sam be there.Check with Floyd at Floyds"Two Chair No Waiting"Barber Shop.It's on Main St.

  • Lukey Jul 27, 2007

    At that vvery moment the father of two and husband of one was awakened from his dream by a loud noise. It sounded like the entire world had exploded. And then...

  • Lukey Jul 27, 2007

    They turned to see an old man with a stringer of fish. Fortunately "old Sam" was not among them. The old man related to them the story of gold being found in Shallowbag Bay and brought them up to date on the story.
    With that the entire family agreed upon...

  • Lukey Jul 27, 2007

    "...Hi there. you folks look as if you've had a hard time. Where you going anyway?" to the which they replied...

  • bleslie Jul 27, 2007

    As a bottom feeder Sam plunged deep into the water looking for food but instead uncovered a long lost treasure of gold and silver left years ago by pirates.

  • bleslie Jul 27, 2007

    The amazing migration of old Sam was assisted by Michael Jordan mentioned early in this story. Michael actually caught Sam while fishing and knew his friend Andy Griffith, living now in Manteo, would love to see the elusive carp. Michael loaded Sam in a large tank and drove to Manteo. After seeing the fish Andy Griffith thanked Michael and with great compassion released the fish into Shallowbag Bay.

  • bornbredtarheel Jul 26, 2007

    As Sam wanders from creek to river to bay, he realizes that he sees the boy and girl from earlier in the day...Perhaps they can tell Sam how to get back to Mayberry while they prospect for gold?

  • fishnett5977 Jul 26, 2007

    Oh Mr Leslie....
    Now you gotta finish this all day fish of a tale! What happens to Sam the carp and how in the world did he get down there???
    And to seahunt - cant use what you cant catch! :P

  • bleslie Jul 26, 2007

    Meantime, Old Sam the carp has gotten lost again. The adrenaline of the bear adventure sent him quickly to the east.
    Old Sam has made the amazing migration from the mountain waters down to Shallowbag Bay.




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