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North Carolinians Are Happier People Because....

Posted July 20, 2007

As promised today’s topic is “North Carolinians are happier people because____________________. Please help fill in the blank with your own brand of humor and heartfelt thoughts.

* I’ll start. North Carolinians are happier people because………

* Life is simple. Only in NC is barbecue a noun. It’s an adjective everywhere else.

* Mountains to the left. Beach to the right. Best of both worlds.

* Life is exciting. We dodge hurricanes in the summer and ice storms in the winter.

* Best basketball on the planet.


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  • Celt Jul 23, 2007

    Wow, IForgot! That kind of comment doesn't speak well for your graciousness and hospitality. Even people who have moved here can love it here. Your ancestors were once newcomers, too.

  • cool_rocker999 Jul 22, 2007

    I love calling North Carolina home because it's unique. Look at the history, we are where it all began. Legends like Blackbeard, towns like Mayberry (Mount Airy) and the most beautiful beaches in the world where ships arrived hundreds of years ago looking for a new world. Let's not forget about the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. I have lived all over the world and there is simply no better place than North Carolina. And if you like wine, try some scuppernong wine. That's right, the scuppernong is native to us and we have the oldest known vine known as "The Mother Vine". Beautiful "Carolina" blue skies and beautiful people, from the mountains to the Crystal Coast............this is where it's at.

  • davidgnews Jul 21, 2007

    "We don't have to live anywhere else."

  • Maysmom Jul 21, 2007

    Never knew what "Carolina Blue" was until I moved here and looked at the sky..........

  • Timothy Abraham Jul 21, 2007

    They are happier because they learned to live with humidity. Their happiness is an inside job; it doesn't come from the outside.

  • Is it Friday yet Jul 21, 2007

    "if you haven't lived here all your life ---don't comment"

    Why not?

  • LWA Jul 21, 2007

    Gnathostomata>> Great posting. It's all true, even after all these years. Good insight.

  • LWA Jul 21, 2007

    North Carolinians are happier people because we're southerners. We were brought up with the values and morals that make us pleasant to be around.

  • IForgot Jul 21, 2007

    if you haven't lived here all your life ---don't comment

  • teacher_96 Jul 20, 2007

    greeneyes59, I love what you said about the trees. I'm so blessed to have had those experiences in my life. One more thing...
    We're happier because we've ran from tree to tree at dusk catching fireflies with our cousins and putting them into mason jars. Our own homemade lantern for the evening while we sat on the front porch with our family.




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