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Favorite Waterfalls

Posted July 17, 2007

There is something magical about a waterfall on a hot summer day. Maybe it’s the rainbow that sometimes arches over the rush of water. Maybe it is the chilly thrill you get when you plunge into a natural pool and enjoy the gush of white roaring down the mountainside.

What is your favorite waterfall? Please weigh in.

Perhaps it is a small cascade you knew as a child or the impressive Whitewater Falls in western North Carolina. Whitewater in Jackson County is the longest waterfall in eastern United States.

One of my favorites is Cullasaja Falls way out west in Macon County. I am also partial to the very popular Linville Falls in Burke County. My father, a watercolors artist, was smitten by the beauty of Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County.

Elizabeth Gardner likes Watauga Falls or State Line Falls near Boone not especially for its beauty but because at 17 feet it is the highest falls she has paddled off of in her kayak. But she says - be careful about that big rock below.

What about you? What is your favorite waterfall?


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  • bleslie Jul 18, 2007

    Very good, David! You are a man of waterfalls and wonderful waltzes!

  • davidpmcknight Jul 18, 2007

    Thanks for the mention of Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County. When we were young campers at the Brevard Music Center and future New York Philharmonic oboist Joseph Robinson (now Artist-in-Residence at Duke) was a camp counselor, we celebrated the motto: "Transylvania County: Land of the Waterfalls."

    But Bill, it rained so darned much during that Summer of '63 that we amended the motto to: "Transylvania County: Land Where the Water Falls."

  • kernspaltung Jul 17, 2007

    Well, GOLO didn't like the formatting of my haiku, apparently! Anyway, I agree that Sliding Rock doesn't look like much of a waterfall to us grown folk, but when you're five years old and praying your dad catches you in the churning water below before you're washed downriver, it's practically Niagra Falls! Lots of great memories from there, and from the falls in Linville Gorge. My favorite waterfall, however, is the one in a fantastic photograph on my wall. I don't know where the waterfall is, but the photograph was given to me by someone truly special, and I'd love to see and hear those falls in person with her someday.

  • kernspaltung Jul 17, 2007

    A Waterfall Haiku

    Feel this waterfall
    Leading to tranquility

  • Broker - Back from Lurking Jul 17, 2007

    Here's a cool website of North and South Carolina Falls:

  • tennispro Jul 17, 2007

    Crystal Falls in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming are the prettiest falls I have ever seen. I Have gorgous photographs of it!

  • fishnett5977 Jul 17, 2007

    Dont worry Riverracer, I'll keep ya secret!!! ;) Havent been there in many a year -last I went it was almost dried up! If I had known the name, I might not have went there though!!!lol :)

  • Broker - Back from Lurking Jul 17, 2007

    I remember swimming in the pool between the tiers of Linville Falls as a kid - talk about dangerous!!! I also love Bridal Veil and Sliding Rock (even though not *technically* falls). I usually hike out at Linville Falls even now, but need to check out the other options proximal to Boone... Thanks for the suggestions!!!

  • strolling bones Jul 17, 2007

    Elk River Falls is beautiful. Pst the locals know its not Elk Creek Falls but Elk River Falls. It is hardly that far off the beaten pass. You can drive to within a football field walk of it. (picnic tables and grills are on the river)

    Warning: a young man drown at the falls a few weeks ago. He was not jumping from the falls but swimming. It is a dangerous area. Do not jump from the falls. Even if you just break an ankle it takes a long time for rescue. Takes 20 men to carry one out of the falls. Jumping is dangerous. Dont swim too close to the falls as it will pull you under. Now that you are too terrified, they are beautiful. I will post a pic of them on my gallery.

  • lovetheheels Jul 17, 2007

    When I was a student at Appalachian back in the 1970's, I had the thrill of hiking up Linville Falls BEFORE they built the very nice walkway (it was under construction at the time). The rocks were ice covered and slippery, but we made it all the way to the top. That's the kinds of things you do when you are young and, such things would be considered highly dangerous.




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