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Your Sabbatical

Posted July 6, 2007

If you could take the next year off from work and/or your major responsibilities where would you go and what would you do?

This morning I am having breakfast with my dear friend Bob Inskeep and we will be discussing his sabbatical. Bob recently took several months off from his job as a Presbyterian pastor in Raleigh. Many of you remember Bob from his radio days when he was one of the area’s most popular personalities.

Bob mixed it up on his sabbatical. He toured the Grand Canyon, spent some time with family and studied in Richmond at Union Theological Seminary. Bob is a colorful storyteller and I can’t wait to hear his full report over omelets at the Farmer’s Market.

I asked my co-workers what they would do if granted a year long sabbatical.

Valonda Calloway would visit every continent beginning with Africa.

Elizabeth Gardner would load up the family in a RV and see America.

Lynda Loveland would find a secluded Caribbean retreat for a laid back and stress free year with her family.

Mark Roberts would live off the land in the NC mountains growing his own crops.

I would hole up with my family in a seaside cottage on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and write music.

What would you do? Please share your grand dreams!   A CD prize for the most interesting idea.


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  • fgump Jul 9, 2007

    I would live in Todd, NC, and work at Riverside Outfitters. I love the New River, and the stretch from Todd to Fleetwood is my favorite.

  • fritobandito Jul 8, 2007

    Bill, in my youth working as a gopher and all duties included working in a drug store in Smithfield, i had the opportunity to deliver medications to people in nursing homes and rest homes. and to tell you the look on these folks faces when anyone, just anyone would walk by their rooms and just say hi and speak for a moment was priceless. a lot of times i would stop by and visit with numerous folks before i went to work. then when i did stop by a second time in the day, gosh, i think i was touched by far more than they were. so in short, i think with a year off, i would visit as many nursing homes and rest homes i could only if for a moment there was a ray of sunshine brought into their lives. and i am sure from experience there would be lots of sunshine in mine. have a ggggreat day!!!

  • Josey Wales Jul 7, 2007

    My career took me all over the world but the place I would like to spend a year is Sienna, Italy. I would sit in an outdoor cafe, sip cappucino in the morning and watch the world go by.

  • Halyard Jul 7, 2007

    My job has carried me all over the world and I've seen some of the most beautiful sites as well as the poorest of the poor, but I've only seen a few of the great sites right here in the US. I would like to drive across the country starting southwest, through New Orleans, Texas, NM on to and up through Calif to Oregon. Then back across into Idaho, North & South Dakota making our way to New England then homeward. A few of the must sees would be the Grand Canyon, the Columbia River, Mt Rushmore and touring the Nations Capital. If we had plenty of money, on to England, Scotland and Ireland.

  • Steve Crisp Jul 7, 2007

    I wouldn't change a single thing. I would continue to do exactly what I do now. I've been everywhere I want to go and have seen everything I want to see. I would continue to take vacations to the same places I go now and eat the same food. I would read just as much as I currently do and talk to the same friends. I actually love my job and would be bored without it. I love living in my house and in my neighborhood. I love my wife more than anyone or anything in the world. I am completely happy and content with where I've been, where I'm at, and where I'm going.

    My whole life IS a sabbatical.

  • Iconoclast Jul 7, 2007

    I would split the time between the Carolinas and Scotland doing genaeological research in both and seeing the Highlands.

  • JCFD2031 Jul 6, 2007


    Since I am a huge nascar fan I would buy an RV and travel to every race of the season. This would not only give me a chance to see all the races, but also a good portion of the Unites States.

  • SK Jul 6, 2007

    I like the fairly popular idea of a trip around the US (circumnavigation, roughly) with my family, but I'd like to do it on a bicycle. (assuming the current family of three, a triple - one bicycle built for three riders)

  • Riverracer Jul 6, 2007

    If I couldn't go on the driving trip across the US that I suggested earlier, I would like to sail the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Maine to Florida. I've done small sections of the waterway, but to sail the whole thing would be great.

  • brant58 Jul 6, 2007

    I would visit the land of my ancestry, Wales. Then the other british isles. My family it seems, originated in the area of Cardif. A relative who visited that city, tells be there is an large cemetery there with all the last names on the headstones matching mine. It would be interesting to delv into my celtic roots. Which may explain why I love your music Bill.




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