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Fish, Flying and Fundraising

Posted June 27, 2007

I can hear my mother right now: "Bill, if you keep eating salmon it will start coming out of your ears." Well, it almost did last week on my Pacific Northwest family vacation. Salmon for breakfast. Salmon for lunch. Salmon for dinner.  The fish is so fresh and plentiful in the area and so good and good for you.

My favorite recipe was salmon omelet. I had it at the Marriott near the airport south of Seattle. I would give just about anything to have another one of those delicious breakfast dishes.

A couple of other things about the trip: we flew American Airlines and with the exception of the in-flight movie "Wild Hogs" both ways we really enjoyed the journey. We had no delays until the end. We flew through St. Louis on the way out there but through New York on the way back.

We arrived at JFK 30 minutes early but were nearly an hour and a half late getting off the ground on last Saturday evening even when there were no weather problems. We taxied on the runway for a good hour. The fellow sitting in front of me said he routinely spends hourson the runway when flying out of JFK. I was also disappointed with the physical condition of the airport, the long hike we had to take to our connecting flight gate and having to go through security an extra time.

JFK is the gateway to America for millions and I think it needs a huge overhaul. Your thoughts?

By the way I almost ran into former President Clinton. He was in town to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. We stayed at the same hotel.


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  • anggiet Jun 28, 2007

    Sam at Big Ed's might be up for anything. He sure knows about and loves ramps. He always asks my friends to bring him some when they head to the mountains.

  • bleslie Jun 28, 2007

    Sorry to be so late to get back with you. The omelet recipe looked pretty similar to others. The chef packed it with green and red peppers along with chives and smoked salmon. I will try to contact the chef.

    My son is 6'4." I think he was inspired to jump in the glacier fed water by his cousin Matthew who drove to Alaska a couple of summers ago and took a dip in the Arctic Ocean.

    Thanks for the help on the cameras. I will study up and make a decision. I do appreciate the input.


  • wilfhh29 Jun 27, 2007

    The only time I ever flew out of JFK, I spent hours on the runway, too. It does need an overhaul.

  • cjack55 Jun 27, 2007

    Hi Bill,
    I just looked at your slideshow & I enjoyed it so much! Someone is quite the photographer! It was just beautiful. And you have such a lovely family, I know you are so proud. Just how tall is your son anyway?! Very nice looking young man. Glad you had a good vacation, but also glad you're back on the air....just not the same without you!

  • Riverracer Jun 27, 2007

    You just decided my supper menu for tonight. Grilled salmon it is!

  • hkypky Jun 27, 2007

    So was there something special to the Salmon Omlet recipie? Could you take a stab at a recipie that would come close? Sounds good.

  • owlady Jun 27, 2007

    Bill, I enjoyed the slide show of your trip to the Pacific Northwest. I also love to eat Salmon, and many other types of seafood. Recommended is a future vacation to the Atlantic Northeast regions of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Summer months are preferred. You could eat fresh Maine Lobster until it comes out of your ears !! Delicious !!

  • urbudelar Jun 27, 2007

    I love Big Ed's Western Omelet as well! Yes, let's expand that menu to include salmon. My the day mdoodle your CD is in the mail! Thanks for playing.


  • blytle Jun 27, 2007

    Bill, all that talk of salmon is making me soooooo hungry. How ironic that I have planned to fix salmon cakes for dinner tonight for my husband and me. I really love breakfast food -- wish I could have one of those salmon omelets! We eat breakfast at Big Ed's every Saturday morning and always have a Western Omelet. Do you think we could convince new owner, "Big Sam," to add salmon omelets to his menu???????

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