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Cell Phone Fiasco

Posted June 11, 2007

Some people just don't get it.

It's graduation day. My son Will and his Athens Drive High School senior classmates are all decked out in their caps and gowns. It's a huge crowd at Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh. One by one the names of the graduates are announced at the podium by various teachers.

Audio is everything. You want to hear that name. That's why the audience is told to hold its cheering til a designated time. Half the crowd ignores this request and whoops and yells anyway.

But the worst offender of all this evening was the woman sitting on the row behind me. She received no fewer than 6 calls on her cell phone during the commencement service and talked constantly. She ignored dozens of frustrated looks and protests from parents. She should have been ejected. She added a notorious new dimension to the definition of bad manners.

What about you? What are your cell phone horror stories? And how would you have handled this?

Please offer your do's and don'ts of cell phone etiquette.


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  • mamejohnston1 Jun 14, 2007

    I seriously believe my biggest pet peeve with cell phones, occurs when we are in church and the cells go off during the prayer or sermon even though it is clearly printed in the bulletin to have them turned off during the service. Is nothing 'sacred' anymore?

  • ks38117 Jun 12, 2007

    Apparently you sat in front of the same woman I sat in front of at my son's graduation (Sanderson) last year. She babbled during the entire ceremony, regardless of the requests and looks from those around her. It's true, people think only of themselves, not others they might inconvenience. It's a me-first society and it's a shame that it's become this way.

  • bigredtruckman Jun 12, 2007

    Just this morning, I stopped by the bank drive through. The lady in the next lane actually pulled up to the window, cell phone glued to her ear, and asked the teller to "hold on a second" while she finished her conversation.

    I was there a good 2 minutes longer, and as I pulled away, she was still gabbing away like a bobbleheaded idiot. The poor teller was just sitting there resting her head on her hand.

  • JerryO Jun 12, 2007

    It's just a product of the "ME" generation. People are so wrapped up in themselves that they have no regard for others. People have lost their respect for their fellow man.

  • dsdaughtry Jun 12, 2007

    I remember in most resturants you would have a choice of smoking or non-smoking. Why cant we have that choice when it comes to cell phones or no-cell phones. I think its a novel idea.

    In some places in New York and New Jersey cell phones are prohibited in places where you eat and I love the idea. I actually had an expereience in Tysons Corner, VA where a woman was talking so loudly on a cell phone that I got up and asked her to take the call outside. People in the McDonalds applauded. Granted, she was a bit foul with me but the manager finally stepped in and agreed that her conversation was disruptive to patrons and she left.

    It is bad enought we have drivers on cell phones and now people just rattle on conversations in public holding up checkout lines and other areas. It is just plain rude to be on a cell phone in a public place and audible where others can hear. Be nice and take the call outside or at another time.

  • EGH3 Jun 12, 2007


  • Greataunt Jun 12, 2007

    Sorry about the cell phone fiasco. At Cumberland County Schools graduations, staff members stand and escort any offending people after first offense. May seem extreme, but it keeps order.

  • jetset Jun 12, 2007

    Speaking of the rude lady talking on the cell phone during graduation....and we wonder why some children are rude and disrectful. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • armada08 Jun 11, 2007

    I think back to what we did before cell phones-when I was in college.To talk to my now husband of 23 years, I didn't have a phone in my dorm room, there was a pay phone in the hall. We would have a designated time on Saturday evening when he would call, and we would have 15 minutes to talk, longer if no one was waiting to use the phone. My son and his girlfriend, who are either calling or texting each other every other hour can't imagine not having their cell phones!?!

  • prideinusa4evr Jun 11, 2007

    For the life of me, I can't see why folks anymore think they have to have a phone stuck to their ear 18 out of 24 hours (and they may sleep with them for all I know). Is ANYTHING so important you can't be out of touch for more than an hour at a time? I agree that folks who talk on the phone while driving are a pet peeve and also that hearing someone talking away from the next booth in the public restroom is disturbing.




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