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Posted June 7, 2007

Welcome to Carolina Conversations! That was the winning new name for this blog. I like it because it implies an open forum of many voices and opinions. We’ll have a great time discussing things, I’m sure

First order of business is to hand out prizes. Three different bloggers actually suggested the new name. Ashen-Shugar recommended “North Carolina Conversations” on May 29 at 8:24AM. Luvtoshag suggested the precise name “Carolina Conversations” about six hours later. So I would like to send each person a complete package of my music. I have a consolation prize to the person who emailed me the correct title three days into the contest.

Second order of business: topics. What would you like to talk about? Toss out a few subjects and I’ll get the ball rolling. I will probably start with a very funny message from Ira David Wood in Raleigh.


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  • Greataunt Jun 9, 2007

    Bill, We have always enjoyed your blogs and look forward to more of your travels. WRAL is great. When we're out of town we miss you guys. Keep up the good work. Your viewers feel like we know you guys.

  • mamananagramps Jun 8, 2007

    North Carolina Conversations..

    Wonderful title. I would like to see places and events of NC discused here..I am native North Carolina but have lived in Virginia for 18 years. There is nothing like WRAL..and I keep up with Raleigh daily..Yep. most in the state now come from elsewhere..and people are usually very friendly ..that is until someone from North of us complains about our driving in SNOW. That bothers me...Lol!!

  • knightslady Jun 8, 2007

    Wheelman has a great idea. My father is from here, I am originally from Florida, but have lived here for so long I feel like a native. Instead of bashing others find out what we have in common or what we like about the people we have met from other states or even other countries.

  • no more - no less Jun 8, 2007

    Topic Ideas

    NC Traditions

    NC People

    NC Places

    NC Trivia / Little Known Facts

  • thefensk Jun 8, 2007

    Several people have mentioned food, which is always a great topic for conversation but we should be more specific.

    I'd suggest maybe reserving a day each week for food topics, alternating between favorite recipes and favorite restaurants.

    You could even start a Carolina Conversations Cookbook ... a new feature for the WRAL website.

    My vote would be Wednesdays or Thursdays for food, alternating between recipes and restaurants. This will give us time to shop or plan a short trip to some new haven we first hear about here.

    Bill, this will also take a little of the burden off of you, trying to figure out "what do we talk about today?"

  • CestLaVie Jun 8, 2007

    I think all of the topic suggestions & new name are great, and I can't think of another one to add. Food, recreation, lifestyles always seem to be common conversations.

    What I wish would NOT be discussed is the northerners vs. southerners aspect (maybe wishful thinking here). I've lived in NC for over 40 years now, TWICE as long as what I lived in the "north", but it still rankles me as to comparisons. I do know that NC is & has been HOME for a long time now; I love the food, recreation & lifestyle of it just as much as a native-born N. Carolinian, so give me a break. I married a native-born guy; my children were raised here. Just bring on the shrimp n' grits, BBQ, and southern gospel singings - don't rub my nose in them! I love it!!

  • Mom on Call Jun 7, 2007

    I know a great topic for Carolina Conversations. How we volunteer and why?

  • pcook1979 Jun 7, 2007

    This is my first ever post. I have been watching WRAL for as long as I can remember. I remember all the old faces and have gotten used to the new. I am only 27, so they may seem young for some of you, but I think a topic should be how long have you been watching WRAL news..? Who do you remember..? And who was broadcasting when something great happened, or not so great. I remember when Floyd hit...and I am in Rocky Mount. I constantly watched Greg and Mike...Elizabeth is a great addition and Linda's blog helps ME with my child. They are about the same age. I just love WRAl and I miss it when I go out of town...and Bill..let's just say that you are the man...from a youngin!!!...that is what they call us here in NC ;-P

  • Wheelman Jun 7, 2007

    How about a different twist on something you see in a lot of the blogs. Instead of complaining about people who have moved here from elsewhere or the locals if you're one who moved here, what do you like and what have you learned from one another? What things have you found in common? Are there things or people here who remind you of "home"? How many of you know a real know born and raised in NC? If you could bring something from "home" to here, what would it be? If you had to leave NC what would you like to take with you? What's the most beautiful thing you've seen in NC? What do you like most about the people you've met from other places? What has meeting and getting to know them meant to you? Whether you're an NC native or not, if someone new to NC asked you to be a guide for 10 days to teach them about NC, what would you do? Where would you go? As an NC native (56 yrs.) I'm ready to sit and talk a spell, if you're a mind to!

  • friendofNC Jun 7, 2007

    I did not vote for that name, but love it now that it is chosen : )

    I love the blog so will read it no matter what it is called ("that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet").




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