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Why Do You Love America?

Posted May 25, 2007

Why do you love America?

That elementary school essay question came to mind yesterday as I watched 46 proud and buoyant people become naturalized American citizens in Federal judge Earl Britt's courtroom in Raleigh.

It was one of the most moving and meaningful ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

I flashed back to the third grade in Morganton. I was sitting on my father's lap and I asked him to help me with my school essay.  He told me the story of my ancestors who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain in the Revolutionary War. The McDowells of Quaker Meadows were major players in this crucial Patriot victory.

I gleaned two things from that conversation with my father - how thankful I should be for my courageous ancestors but more importantly how grateful I should be for the many freedoms I have as a US citizen.

My father went on to say that we should often ask ourselves: "Why do I love America?" He said we should never take our many blessings for granted.

Today as we start the Memorial Day holiday weekend I ask you:

"Why do you love America?"

I look forward to your responses.


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  • packandcanesfan May 27, 2007

    Greene Giant...THANK YOU!! My brother-in-law served in Vietnam, was wounded and we almost lost him. His service brings what the military does for us to light more than anyone for me and my family. I know you weren't treated very well back then but let it be known that we all appreciate everything you did. My brother-in-law came back changed forever and I don't think he has had a completely peaceful night of sleep since he got home.

  • Greene Giant May 27, 2007

    When I was 19, I was sent to Viet Nam. I saw many things over there, but what stood out in my mind & my heart were many of the things I didn't see. I saw no schools, no playgrounds, no churches, no stores, no happiness. In America, we who live here can realize our dreams. We can have schools, stores, churches, so many wonderful treasures. In Viet Nam, those dreams will always be just that. There was an orphanage in Hue, some 300 kids, that I helped build some things for. At the end of the war, the North came and killed the children. Their dreams are gone, now just a memory. We live in a country when something like this happens, we all hurt, we all feel, we seek justice. There will be no justice for those orphans. I love my county. I fought for it and would die for it. There are so many overseas who are doing just that. How many countries do you know that the people, the very essence, is willing to fight and die for its own. We need to be proud. God is good to us.

  • ravenraider1 May 27, 2007

    Just look at the rest of the world and the question is answered.

  • crzyncmama May 26, 2007

    One nation under God----being able to worship as we please

  • raglangr May 26, 2007

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    I love our **Republic**. I love our liberty. I love the goosebumps I still get when I hear the National Anthem or pledge allegiance to the flag, because as I do I remember just how lucky I am to live in a country so free with such a rich history of people who have fought and given their lives to protect it and preserve that freedom.

  • packandcanesfan May 25, 2007

    I love America simply because it is home. We have the freedom to speak our minds, vote, choose our religion, run our own household and the children have a choice to be whatever they want/dream to be...from a Dr. to a factory worker..and everything in between. I always love my country but on occasions like Memorial Day or 4th of July or Veteran's Day, I remember most what this country means to me. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and God Bless The USA can bring tears to my eyes and my chest swells with pride. Godspeed to all our men and women overseas that give of themselves everyday and night to keep this country great. Thanks!

  • bleslie May 25, 2007

    I love going to Washington with my family and visiting the museums and monuments. They offer up a treasure trove of history, heroism and hope for the future.

  • Pirattitude May 25, 2007

    i love the food.

  • rchill May 25, 2007

    "I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -- Voltaire
    This country is great because it allows the freedom of ideas. That is why we have achieved so much and I am proud to live here. Where else can you get so much diversity and ideas. American's greatest gift is their passion for achievment.

  • rchill May 25, 2007

    "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." -- John F. Kennedy

    For our veterans and service members.




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