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Random Acts of Kindness

Posted May 18, 2007

We certainly did a lot of venting yesterday in our pet peeve discussion.  Thanks for playing along.  I will contact the winner of the contest.

Let's end the week on a postive note.  I would like to challenge you to perform a random act of kindness today and after you've done so to tell us on this blog what you did.  The person with the best story will win a prize.

If you're not familiar a random act of kindness is a good deed done without any expectation of getting something in return. 

Many of these acts are done anonymously. I recall the time while driving out of state the motorist in front of me paid my toll at a toll booth. That simple gesture made me smile the rest of the day.

Other examples include:

Visiting a neighbor you've never met.

Cutting the grass for an elderly neighbor.

Giving someone your total and undivided attention.

Writing a poem for someone you love.

Reading a book for a child or someone who is blind.

Setting a date to see someone you've said you were going to see.

Visiting a friend in the hospital.

Writing a note of  forgiveness.

Engaging every person you meet with a warm smile.


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  • urbudelar May 21, 2007

    Lyrics of a song on Alison Krauss' newest album captures the spirit of this discussion:

    Little yellow house sittin' on a hill
    That is where he lived
    That is where he died
    Every Sunday morning
    Hear the weeping willows cry

    Two children born
    A beautiful wife
    Four walls and livin's all he needed in life Always giving, never asking back I wish I had a simple love like that

    I want a simple love like that Always giving, never askin' back For when I'm in my final hour lookin' back I hope I had a simple love like that

    My momma was his only little girl If he'd had the money he'd have given her the world Sittin' on the front porch together they would sing Oh how I long to hear that harmony

    I want a simple love like that Always giving never asking back When I'm in my final hour looking back I hope I had a simple love like that

    I want a simple love like that Always giving never asking back When I'm in my final hour looking back I hope I had a simple love like that

  • fishnett5977 May 21, 2007

    I love the idea of "Pay it forward". I use it quite a bit in my everyday life. But the most impact I believe I've ever seen is just to smile and say "Hi"! It is amazing what kind of response you can get from folks!lol Most smile back, some look startled then smile, some give you that "and you are who???" look but still it makes it worth it when you get a little kid or elderly person to smile back at you! I don't have much in this world, but I do have my smile and my optomistic point of view to share! "The glass is ALWAYS half full"!!! Smiles and hugs from Meadow!

  • Carolina MeerKat May 19, 2007

    At the grocery store an elderly lady remarked on the pretty flowers I had in the cart.
    After she moved on, I went back and picked up another bunch, paid for them and found her.
    It really made her day and got her talking! We had a great conversation, and in the end, I think I was the one who was most encouraged by our exchange.

  • tennispro May 18, 2007

    It was pouring rain early one morning last week. I was on my way to sub at a local elementary school. I saw three ladies in my neighborhood walking without an umbrella. While knowing I would be late for school, I stopped and told them to all get in. I took them all hoem and each told me I had done my kind deed for the day!! Twyla Southerland

  • bleslie May 18, 2007

    These are all very moving and touching stories ranging from acts of simple kindness to heroics. I would love to hear more. This is heart warming stuff. I really appreciate your participation. Tomorrow I will add my own story about Ada Sexton.


  • just my2cents May 18, 2007

    I will be participating in the Wilson County's Relay for Life tonight and tomorrow. This is American Cancer Society's signature event wheer yu form teams, ask for donations and walk a track for 24 hours. (different team members) I will be doing that because cancer affects us all, and I would do anything to help find a cure, short of selling my kids! :o)
    After staying up all night doing that, I will attend my neice's soccer game then take them to see Shrek. Just because I love them and am thankful to have happy healthy family members in a free country that God has blessed so richly.
    We should perform random acts of kindness daily and let God's light shine through us.

  • cagerat42 May 18, 2007

    I enjoy your blogs.My act of a good deed revolves around my wife.The other night we were out on our porch and noticed a fire truck go up the street beside our house.By the looks of it it appeared to go to a house of a friend of ours so she walked around the corner to check on them.Thankfully the incident didn't involve them but unfortunately it involved the mother of someone else she knew.However she didn't realize that this persons parents lived at the house in question.I walked over and informed her of who it was.Upon realizing who it was she went over and gave this man what he had given to her 16 years ago.You see my wifes father was killed 16 years ago and this man came a supported my wife and her family during their time of need.He was a friend of my wifes father and was affected as strongly as they were.She walked over and stayed with him while the EMS people attended to his mother.Goes to show that one good deed does deserve another,and my wife does deeds like this everyday.

  • Riverracer May 18, 2007

    When I saw this blog this morning, I immediately knew that my random act of kindness would be to go visit an elderly friend who is in the nursing home. I planned to go on my lunch hour. Sadly, I got a phone call this morning that my friend passed away during the night last night. I'm so glad I went to see her last week - I just wish I had gone yesterday instead of waiting for today. I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of paper goods, etc. and took them to her family.

  • shutterbug May 18, 2007

    Recently at a high school beauty pageant I worked, a young lady contestant is having a hard time. She want photos but couldn't afford them. A friend bought several of her for her but I gave her a 13x19 inch print of one of the photos custom framed by me.

  • PDMARTIN May 18, 2007

    I stopped on a very busy road in Apex/Holly Springs and got a turtle across the road. It was amazing the number of people who just whizzed on by and didn't even notice. Ms. Turtle never even tucked her head inside her shell as I was putting her on the right path. It feels really good to help out when you can regardless if it's human or not.




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