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Big Game Dilemma

Posted February 7, 2007

     The early bird may get the worm but he misses the game. I'd rather have the game. It happens every February. The first Carolina-Duke basketball game has the late night slot. 9 o'clock on a week day. Sorry but that's too late for me. My alarm clocks start ringing at 2:35 every morning so I can rise and try my best to shine on the Big Five. That means a bedtime of 7:30 or 8:00 the night before. I am a huge basketball fan.  Do you feel my pain?

     I grew up in Morganton bleeding Wolfpack red but then went to Duke basketball clinic and was mesmerized by the Gothic architecture in Durham.  Eventually I saw the blue light of illumination by getting my undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. Just once for early risers I wish the basketball gods would show us some mercy and schedule the initial Duke-Carolina clash at 7 instead of 9.

     Here's my plan for tonight. I will DVR the game, go to bed a half hour earlier and get up 45 minutes earlier, pop some popcorn and watch the showdown while the rest of the world sleeps. My only fear is that my wife will accidentally wake me when she goes to bed and there is no way I can resist asking her who won the game.

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  • urbudelar Feb 8, 2007

    Yep. Got up at 2 this morning and watched the whole game. Duke definitely showed more heart in the first half. If the Devils had hit a few more threes and free throws UNC would be smarting from its second straight loss.


  • this is my Screen Name Feb 8, 2007

    I'm a Duke fan, but give congratulations to UNC for their win. Did you follow your plan to watch the game in the weeee hours of the morning?

  • ajstarrrn Feb 7, 2007

    Hey Bill,
    Maybe next year, you could go to bed at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, get up to watch the game, and still have a couple of hours to sleep after the game. What do you think?? I agree with "timber051" in the meantime!! Just pretend that you know that Duke wins and have sweet dreams!! I think you do a great job on the morning news. I usually watch 7a-9a. By the way, has Lynda Loveland had her baby yet??

  • urbudelar Feb 7, 2007

    I can't take a vacation day in February because it is a rating's month. I should have mentioned that earlier.


  • sakeravihn Feb 7, 2007

    Im sure the viewers will not mind you with some heavy eye lids tomorrow morning haha. Thanks for the good job you do, maybe next year you can take a vacation day :).

  • raglangr Feb 7, 2007

    Ah, that's terrible, Bill. But I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I really appreciate how well you do your job. I watch you on the Big Five every morning to get caught up on the news.

  • urbudelar Feb 7, 2007

    I usually get off work about 1:15PM. That's the upside to this schedule.


  • packandcanesfan Feb 7, 2007

    I love ya Bill but I am very sad that the "blue light of illumination" blinded you. :) I will continue to bleed the Wolfpack red for you. An alarm going off at 2:35 should be against the law. How long is your day at the studio?

  • jmcrainey09 Feb 7, 2007

    just pull an all nighter.

  • this is my Screen Name Feb 7, 2007

    Just assume Duke wins, and you'll sleep peacefully!

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