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Candy from Mars

Posted April 13, 2012

With Mars in the news today I told a personal story on air that prompted the following email and my response. I thought this would make a fun Friday segment. Feel free to share your own childhood fables and fairytales.

Mr. Leslie,

You have helped us begin our mornings since we were very young, as we listened to you and Bob Inskeep on your Morning Men show on 101.5 while we were on the way to school each day. When you moved to WRAL -TV, we began watching WRAL news each morning.

This morning, you mentioned the Mars Bar story. That was my dad's favorite candy bar, but I have never heard the story. Perhaps you will share it with us through your Carolina conversations.

Thank you for keeping us informed and entertained over these many years. We look forward to watching you for years to come.

With much appreciation,

Kathy Daughety

My response:

When my daughter Lauren was five or six years old I used to take her on starry night walks. One evening following Halloween she remarked how much she enjoyed her trick or treat candy including a Mars Bar. She asked me where the Mars Bar came from.. “Martians, of course,“ I responded. “Look up in the sky. See Mars over there!  Every Friday night at midnight a space ship from Mars sends a great big load of candy bars to earth. There’s something magical about the journey. The flavor of the chocolate becomes intense during the transport. It all happens very fast but I remember one Friday night as a child I'm sure I saw the space ship zipping through the sky over my home in Morganton.”

My father used to give me a Mars Bar as a childhood treat and he offered up a similar tale. However, I must admit my favorite childhood candy was Mr. Goodbar. I received one of those every wintry morning that I helped my dad knock the snow off the awning at the family business – The Book Store on W. Main Street in Morganton.

Lauren is now a first grade teacher in Fernandina Beach, FL and we still talk and laugh about the Mars Bar story. Children love it when you compose your own stories of fantasy and enchantment.

Mars Bars fell out of favor with the public and the American version was discontinued in 2002. However the snack was re-launched two years ago. So keep your eye out tonight for that spaceship from Mars!



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  • laurenwolf84 Apr 17, 2012

    I typo-ed too. Especially when A Mars Bar*

  • laurenwolf84 Apr 17, 2012

    I loved that story, Dad! I definitely believed it for a while too... especially when at Mars Bar *magically* appeared just for me the next day :)

  • Myword Apr 14, 2012

    A Snickers with Almonds bar is actually a Mars bar! Shhhhh. The people at Mars kind of keep that under wraps, or packaging anyway.

  • hollybubba Apr 13, 2012

    To the previous responder, yes, Zero Bars are still around. Also, my favorite. As for stories, when my children were too young to read, my dad would take the little white paper strip out of a Hershey Kiss and start "reading" a story about whichever grand child was having the candy. They would be glued to his side while he read the story. Once they learned to read, they knew Papa had tricked them. Hope they will always cherish those memories.

  • ceatman Apr 13, 2012

    Do they still make Zero bars? They were my favorite.

  • genegeneandnancy Apr 13, 2012

    Love the martian dad used to tell me when we would go to the mountains, that cows had two legs longer than the other two in order to be able to stand on the mountainside...I believed that for the longest time..
    I, too, remember the Mars bars...anyone remember two other nostalgic candy bars, the "Hollywood" bar, and "Milkshake" bar??

  • bleslie Apr 13, 2012

    Please forgive my typo. I meant to say West Union Street for The Book Store's address.

  • Ambygirl Apr 13, 2012

    Great story Bill!! And yes, the stories of fantasy and enchantment are great when you are growing up. Keep up the good stories :~)

  • kblount1 Apr 13, 2012

    Oh my goodness, you and Bob Inskeep on the radio. Wasn't there a news guy names David. Can't remember his last name. That brings back memories. Such a long time ago. Don't have a candy story, just memories today.

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