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Posted January 31, 2012

Would you be willing to share your most embarrassing moment? I am sure it would make an interesting blog topic.

I had one of those moments last Friday. I’m on the air with Kelcey, Elizabeth and Brian. During a commercial break I go to the restroom and realize the zipper on my pants is stuck. I can’t get the zipper to descend. This is after a couple of cups of coffee. I scamper back to the anchor desk and try to pretend that everything is fine. During the next commercial break I head to the men’s room again. The zipper still won’t budge. Back to the anchor desk. I decide I should call my buddy Bob Inskeep during the next commercial break and cancel our monthly breakfast since I will need to head home for a wardrobe change. I try again to loosen the zipper during the next commercial break. I tug a little too hard and the entire "barn door" flies wide open. I couldn't find a clothes pin.  Thank goodness for some masking tape at my desk.  At 9:00AM I drive home and with the help of my wife Cindy and a pair of scissors I am freed from the bondage of my britches and the tyranny of my trousers.

There you have it - my embarrassing story. How about yours?


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  • little blue 2 Feb 1, 2012

    Mine is slightly PG rated. I was attending a social club meeting. I happened to be wearing a green silk blouse. I was standing in a group of two or three other guys, when another man came up and hugged me. He sort of rubbed my back and commented on how nice my silk blouse felt. The words that formed inside my head were something like "that feels nice to me, too." What came out of my mouth was "you should feel it from the inside." All of those guys burst out laughing, and for years I was reminded of the green silk blouse. The guy who hugged me is one of my best friends to this day.

  • Wheelman Feb 1, 2012

    I have always been one for teasing kids and telling them "tall tales". When my 2 daughters were small I would tell them that if they didn't keep their belly buttons covered the "Belly Button Man" would catch them and take it out. And if that happened their "hiney" would fall off. We're in Belk's children's dept. one busy Sat. when my youngest is about 4, and is flashing her's. So I tell her that I think I just saw the "Belly Button Man" so she better cover it up. She jumps to her feet, starts running across the store to where my wife is while screaming at the top of her lungs, "Mama, mama I don't want my hiney to fall off! Help. I don't want my hiney to fall off!" I look in the direction of my wife, and she and every other woman in the store are giving me the same look of death. Needless to say, on the way home I heard "I have never been so embarressed in my life." more than once. The dog was kind enough to share space with me that evening.

  • 3stoogesfan Feb 1, 2012

    That's funny, Bill! Thanks for sharing that with us. One of my most embarrassing moments is when I had been interviewed for a job and when I was getting ready to exit the room, I opened the door to a broom closet instead of the exit door. I got hired despite my sense of direction.

  • dale234 Feb 1, 2012

    Hey Bill. I've got another fly story to tell. Many years ago when computer sales guys were expected to do everything, I had to deliver a laser printer to a law firm on Fayetteville Street. I carried the monster all the way through Fayetteville street crowds. I finally got the printer to the office where there were a bunch of women standing around. I suddenly found that the old zipper was down and after sweating profusely snuck it back up again. I of course thought of what that looked like for everyone in downtown Raleigh that day. I still sweat thinking about that one.

  • melledge Feb 1, 2012

    My dad started his career in a bank as a teller. One day a customer came to his window, and when my dad asked for his name, the person gave a muffled reply. Dad asked again, and again received a reply he couldn't quite decipher. Thinking it would be embarrasing to ask a third time, Dad thought he would outwit this customer by asking, "How do you spell that?", to which the customer replied, "B-R-O-W-N". In spite of the embarrassment, he always enjoyed telling that story on himself!

  • nc_jcnumber5 Feb 1, 2012

    Hi Bill - when my youngest daughter was 3, I took her to the pediatrician for a visit and was surrounded in the waiting room by about 6 mothers with toddlers. My daughter was very quiet until she eyed a young boy a few seats down, and then she turned around with a big, knowing smile and shouted "Dad, that boy has a penis - just like you!". To say I was as red as the sun was an understatement... The mom's all got a big kick out ouf it.

  • jpittard2 Jan 31, 2012

    As a gymnastics coach/judge I have had many. The 1st year 7-8 yr olds could compete, one had a great chance to win the meet, needing only a good bar routine but a girl before her fell from the bar and she was scared-1st time. Before she started, she grabbed the front of my shirt and yelled "Be there!" so loudly everyone heard. The judges were laughing as I told her I had never dropped her before. When she got to that skill, she froze and started yelling "Judy, Judy" as I moved in next to her. (The judges were trying so hard not to laugh at us!) If I talked to her, she lost .2. If I touched her she lost at least .5 so I said "Go Shea, I'm here. She didn't go for it, missed the high bar and I caught her which wasn't easy as at 9 she was already almost as tall as me. She finished her routine and received 2nd place. (She won the state meet later) It took the judges some time to regain their composure. Shea Ralph had more success in gymnastics before going to basketball, UCONN and the WBA.

  • UNCfuturealumi Jan 31, 2012

    My worst embarrassing moment and still lives in my mind today. I was being interviewed for a job and I was beginning to feel like I was being put before a firing squad, so many people to talk in one interview. One lady was holding her door open and gave me the most friendly smile as I entered and she close the door and I marched my self to HER seat and set down and she took the chair opposite me (duh) and pressed on with her questions and all of a sudden I realized the typewriter, her telephone and work desk was in my favor, turned to me. So I said to her, how sorry I was and she said that is fine. I can interview you from one side of my desk, as good as I can from the other. Needless to say, I knew that I had blown that interview, but I DID GET THE JOB and many times over the years I shared that with other employees and once she said, I never told that story, but I have enjoyed the look on your face the minute you seen that you was in my seat. We worked together for many years and r

  • WildBullMoose Jan 31, 2012

    And for years my grandfather swore news anchors did not have pants on behind their desks.

  • allen7 Jan 31, 2012

    Before I got into broadcasting, I was an actor playing the role of John Borden at "The Lost Colony" in Manteo from 1982-1984. One night, Andy Griffith , who had played Sir Walter Raleigh in the show years earlier, was in the audience and I wanted to do my best! Bob Midgett ,who played the role of Manteo for many years, had a scene with me where I would run out and greet him. As I ran to him on stage I slipped and fell as hard as I could on my rear! It was a scene right out of a good Marx Brothers movie! I looked up to him and said my lines as naturally as I could. He didn't break a smile. Said his lines, helped me up and left the stage. After the show, embarrased, I was changing and Andy came backstage to congradulate me on the show without saying a single word about the fall. I was mortified about what happened, but that's one of the many things that makes "Live" theatre so much fun!




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