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More Scotty tickets!

Posted October 4, 2011

We’ve received lots of great stories about interesting people you’ve met recently. Thank you for sharing. The winning entry was armada08 for the touching stories that come out of meetings at the Rex Cancer Center. Armada08, please email me at so we can get those Scott McCreery concert tickets to you. Congratulations!


I’ve got another four pack of concert tickets. Here’s the question. If you could pick five living people as dinner guests who would they be and why? The person with the best answer wins four tickets to see Scott McCreery in Raleigh on Saturday.


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  • charitytomes Oct 6, 2011

    1) I would first invite Scotty McCreery. He is so amazing! He has really inspired me to follow my dream to be a singer. He seems very nice and I hope to one day become famous like him!

    2)I would also invite Justin Bieber because like Scotty he is an amazing singer and he has taught me to 'Never Say Never' and follow my dream!

    3)Another guest would be the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team! They work very hard and they try to help the community! They also help kids follow there dreams to become singers, artists, designers, etc.

    4)I would also like to invite Martina McBride. She is another very inspiring person to me! Her song touch my heart and I believe that she truly means what she says in her songs!

    5)Lastly, but certainly not least, I would invite my dad because he means so much to me! He is the person who has encouraged me to follow my dream! He is so amazing! He also like to sing.

    So these are the people that I would Invite and I believe that they are all very special!

  • armada08 Oct 5, 2011

    Bill, Thank you so much for awarding me the 4 pack of Scotty tickets! I am just getting this notice, I was at the hospital yesterday as my 1st granddaughter was born!!

  • moeiburke Oct 5, 2011

    1) the Queen, because she is so eloquent. She holds an incredibly interesting position in that she is head of state but not head of government, & would likely provide interesting conversation. I'm also sure that after so many years on the throne, she has some fascinating stories!
    2) Tina Fey, because she is absolutely hilarious! I admire her for being happy, successful, & proud to be a geek. She is a role model of mine for being strong in a male-dominated career & for always maintaining her sense of self.
    3) Bono, because hopefully I could talk him into providing some musical entertainment for the evening. He is also an incredible humanitarian, & I love Irish accents!
    4) Dean Smith, because I LOVE Carolina and Carolina basketball! He encouraged his players to get their degrees & pushed for the advancement of African Americans.
    5) My mom, because she has influenced me more than anyone. I know she would love meeting each of these people. Plus I'd likely be the favorite kid! :)

  • genegeneandnancy Oct 5, 2011

    I would like to have as dinner guests: 1) Andy Griffith..and ask him what he likes and finds special about NC as well ask him about the various tv roles he had played and which one is his favorite role. 2) Neil Armstong..what it was like to be the first person to step foot on the moon and how it affected his life afterwards 3)Charlie Gaddy..ask if he likes the changes of WRAL over the years and if he misses being a news anchorman 4)Sir Paul McCarteney..always been my favorite Beatle since they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.. 5) Paula Deen..ask her how she handles criticism of the dishes she cooks using butter, cream, sugar, etc. and if she would ever change what she cooks because of what critics say.

  • pookieloo Oct 4, 2011

    Oh and to add to my previous comment I have never been to a concert before! And this would be a great opportunity!

  • cuteasabutton824 Oct 4, 2011

    soul sufer

  • cuteasabutton824 Oct 4, 2011

    If any one i'd choose my father as an kind hearted free willed man, after everything in this life he has a postive output on life.My second one would be a cancer patient/ survivor to think all that person has been threw and to think about the courage they have gives me such a feeling of satisfaction i cant explain it.My 3rd would be a doctor to think that everday they go out and help people when they dont even have too. my 4th will be my grand father he has always told me to do everything i have wanted to hold my held high to keep up the good work i do in cheerleading and church and school. my 5th will be the girl who was based on the movie "soul sister" because me myself, i love inspiration leaders. they have a honest since to themselves. It is just something that i'd be lucky enough to do.

  • mntruax Oct 4, 2011

    Ok, here are my five:
    1. Paula Deen- when I left my abusive ex-husband, my daughter and I use to watch the Food Network channel, get in the kitchen, and try some of Paula's recipes. It was a time to forget the hell we were going through at the time.
    2. Rascal Flatts-- their songs have brought us through some horrible and also some happy times.
    3. My grandparents- they live in Florida, and I do not get to see them nearly enough
    4. Janine Latus- she speaks out about Domestic Violence, and tells the story of how her sister was murdered by an ex-boyfriend.
    5. a soldier- does not have to be any one particular soldier, but he/she needs to be recognized and made to feel special. I would like to hear their stories of what they have been through to defend our country.

  • wilsonjessica3 Oct 4, 2011

    I didnt have enough room so Finally I would choose Ty pennington because he chooses to spend his time giving back to other because of what they do and i think as a person that is so generous and he does not have to do that but he chooses to and i would love to go to dinner with someone who has such a kind heart and loves to give to others.

  • wilsonjessica3 Oct 4, 2011

    First, I would pick my dad he is such an inspiration to me he raises me and my two sisters and brother is single and still has time for us so i love all the free time i can get from him he would have nothing at all as long as his children were happy and i really wanted to giving back to him with all he does for me.

    Second, I Would pick My Grandmother She Has Barely any free time now a days she is 68 years old and raises her 44 year old soon still and his two children she is a older southern belle that i have learned everything from and i would treasure going out to dinner with her more than anyone else.

    Thrid, I would pick My Best friend I may be young but i have hard hardships but i do not complain because life is what you make it and im blessed to have her in it.

    Forth, I would choose my cousin because she has taken on the role as mother and father of her 18 month old she is the best mother she can be i would love to go to dinner with her so to learn from her.




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