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Win Scotty Tickets!

Posted October 3, 2011

We have some Scotty McCreery concert tickets to give away this week. We have some four packs to Scotty's Raleigh concert on Saturday.

Today's question: who is the most interesting person you've met recently?

I'll start by telling you about an unusual encounter I had while walking Rufus on Saturday in my neighborhood. A guy on a bicycle passed us and then made a u-turn and returned to say "hello." He began by saying "Aren't you Bill Leslie? I work with Rick Dees!" Jay Brady has been producing and singing jingles for Rick's syndicated countdown show on the radio for more than 20 years. Jay lives and has a studio in Cary. Rick and I were good friends at UNC. In fact Rick was an usher in my wedding four years after college.  He's lived in California for years.

What's your story? Please share. I'll give four tickets to Scotty McCreery's concert for the best story.


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  • ckennon24 Oct 5, 2011

    The most interesting person I have met was actually a patient at the Duke clinic I work I can not name any names. However, I had just come back to work from having brain surgery and had several new health diagnosis that I was a little depressed about. Between this and my son who is mentally handcapped having had a meltdown that morning, I was having a hard time keeping my smile on. Well, this particular patient came in smiling and happy.....she was 89 years old and wearing a runners outfit. I remember thinking wow she sure is brave wearing running shoes and spandex! She told me she did not have time to change after her run.....she had run her usual 10 miles that morning!!! I thought to myself no way in the world! Turns out she was a cancer survivor that had otherwise never been sick....she was a marathon runner and was training to run across the usa! She was only taking a multivitamin and had no allergies.....she was AMAZING!

  • katlynandabbysmom Oct 4, 2011

    The most interesting person I have met recently was a elderly African American woman. As she sat in our shop waiting on some work to be done we began to talk about how things are so different now adays. We had discussed children, teenagers and grandchildren when she began to tell me about when she was younger and all the obstacles that she faced. She was in elementary school when the schools and towns were divided (blacks & whites). The more and more she talked I realized how much more information I could learn from her than any text book. I enjoyed hearing how her life was and how it made her the person she is today.

  • green_eyes Oct 4, 2011

    The most interesting person I have met recently was a complete stranger.My husband and I were at a local store and this elderly gentlemen pulled up in the parking space beside us. He was driving a hot rod customized truck and we were on our Harley. We exchanged hellos and commented on each others rides. I had no idea what an itriguing man we had just met. He is retired LAPD and now lives here. He stated he moved back here to return to his roots and "God's country". He shared that he is part Cherokee and to just call him "Black Bear." He has ridden a Harley Davidson for the past 66 years! What an inspiration he is and I hope to be as carefree and youthful as he is when I reach his age. Which by the way is 78! Sometimes a chance encouter can bring a little joy to your day. It was a pleasure to meet this fine gentleman.

  • jackiesmith43 Oct 4, 2011

    Two weeks ago I was enjoying a week at the beach with 4 friends. We were sitting in our beach chairs near the surf all reading. A lady came by with two younger women who I assumed were her daughters and they all said "hello". Later they were returning from their walk in the surf and when they got to us they stopped. The older lady walked up to our group and very enthusiastically told us she was so pleased to see five people with their books on the beach. She was so excited to see people reading and complimented us on this. It was not only what she said but you could see the excitement in her eyes and her animation. We all decided she must have been a writer or an English teacher. She would have been pleased to see us back at the cottage when we sat in the rocking chairs on the porch with our books leaving them only to play a game of cards occasionally. Now I wished I had asked her what her occupation was.

  • mntruax Oct 4, 2011

    Well, the most "famous" person I would have had the pleasure to meet happened this past weekend. I actually met Monica Laliberte at the Big Bad Ball. This is a benifit to help raise money for Hospice of Wake County. I lost my dad five years ago to cancer, and while Hospice was not in our home long, they made a lasting impression on my life. I was volunteering Saturday night at the event, and Monica was very sweet and she did a wonderful job as emcee for the event!! I will not personally be able to go to the concert, because I will be doing my volunteer work at Interact, but I am hoping to win these tickets for my daughter. She is a senior, and has taken her life experiences with domestic violence and speaks to teens about safe dating and safe relationships. Whether I win or lose.... EVERYONE PLEASE REMEMBER OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH! PLEASE WEAR A PURPLE RIBBON IN SUPPORT!! THANK YOU

  • stephnc Oct 4, 2011

    I haven't met anybody recently, but when I was growing up, I met Paul Peterson from the Donna Reed Show at Maggie Valley. He was so down to earth as the saying goes, way back then. He welcomed everybody with open arms.

  • moppie Oct 4, 2011

    My family owned and operated a fishing pier, marina and restaurant in Topsail Beach for over 45 years and interesting characters were always coming through our doors. Growing up in the family business was definitely an idyllic childhood. From 5th generation tobacco farmers who came to relax, to Mennonite families from PA, to wood-craftsmen who brought my Mama whirligigs, and mountain men who brought my Daddy moonshine, all had interesting stories to tell and lives they shared with us.

  • dalejr88 Oct 4, 2011

    I guess one of the nicest and most interesting people I have ever met is Brad Paisley. The first time I met him was at the NC State Fair. I was in his fan club and my daughter, who was four at the time, and I had backstage passes. We were one of the last ones to go through the meet and greet line, so Brad was able to spend a little extra time with the fans at the end of the line. Brad knelt down on one knee beside my daughter to take a picture. My daughter caught him by surprise by giving him a big kiss on the cheek. It caught Brad by surprise and his face turned bright red. It's one of the memories that I cherish. My daughter,who is now 15, does too, although, she gets embarassed from mom telling the story. We have met Brad several times since then and he has always been such a super nice guy.

  • armada08 Oct 3, 2011

    The most interesting persons I have met recently are the folks I encounter each week when I volunteer at the Rex Cancer Center in Raleigh. I volunteer in the Cancer Center Resource Room, where we have information for patients and their caregivers. We also help patients out by supplying wigs for them. Many times a patient will come in, and when I approach them, they are scared and apprehensive. This is not where they want to be. But after introducing myself, and letting them know that, I too am a survivor, they relax and we see what we can find for them. There is nothing better than helping find the wig that 'fits just right', or 'ooh, I love that style!' or 'my husband will just love this!'. We also help with hats and scarves.
    Everyday, these survivors come to the Cancer Center, all with different backgrounds, but I try to help them leave with a smile on their face and hopefully at least for a few moments, forget why they came to Rex in the first place...

  • genegeneandnancy Oct 3, 2011

    The most interesting person I have met recently was a neurosurgeon in a Virginia hospital that specializes in stroke patients. My brother, who lives outside Washington, D.C., had a stroke earlier this year, and had the best neurosurgeon. This doctor explained in layman's terms step by step in detail what we could expect throughout the healing/therapy process. Before deciding to do any procedures (brain stent), he consulted various colleagues, and it was decided to just let the brain clot heal on its' own instead of inserting a stent. From reading Dr. Allen Mask's recent article, I am so glad the stent procedure was not done as the article states it is a dangerous procedure and the outcome is not always good. I will always remember this remarkable neurosurgeon who had a hand in bringing my brother back to us again to be his same "old" self.




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