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Cellphone sunrise

Posted September 7, 2011

I could have kicked myself last week.  It was a half hour into our Labor Day weekend drive to Florida. Where was my camera? I checked the back seat. Rufus was there looking cute in his cage.  The bag of snacks Cindy packed was in place. Plus, the CD lectures on American presidents I checked out from the library was there. But no camera.

We were headed to Fernandina Beach where my daughter Lauren works as a teacher.  Fernandina is just down the road from the Georgia Naval base where our son-in-law Luke works as an officer. I don't get to the coast too often and since I'm an early riser I enjoy getting up and watching sunrises. But without my Canon camera I thought I might as well sleep in.

Well, I did wake up early and the sky was full of color and changing personality. The only thing I had was my Droid 2. It's got a decent camera but without a tripod I thought I wouldn't be able to capture much in the low light. Well, it could have been a lot better but I did get some decent images which I am posting today. In the low light I was forced to line up the image and then press the camera against my nose to get as steady a shot as possible.

What are your stories about using cellphone cameras? I'd love to hear them.  What was your best shot?  Care to share?   You can email your images to and we'll put them up. 


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  • nightcreature84 Sep 14, 2011

    The best camera you got is the one that is on you and as said below it is not the camera. but I do have to say when walking around Downtown Raleigh at night I have snapped some interesting shots with my cell phone.

  • Bill of Rights Sep 8, 2011

    I used to teach photography, and one of the first things I'd explain is that it's not the camera, but the photographer that creates great images. The cameras in most modern phones are capable of capturing some stunningly good images, as you proved with the photos you shared with us!

  • anthonyb Sep 7, 2011

    Bill, I have a Canon 60D but when my girlfriend and I take a trip she has many pictures on her phone that are better than mine. She is a natural !!!

  • wdwbmw Sep 7, 2011

    While waiting for my husband to finish what he was doing in a store, I was looking at a recipe magazine on a rack. There was a recipe that really sounded good and I was trying to get it straight in my mind. Had to go back a couple of times and look again. Anyway, a young friend asked why I didn't just photograph the recipe with my phone. Duh! Never thought of that. I am obviously of the wrong generation for many technological ideas.

  • bleslie Sep 7, 2011

    I'm getting a few images. They're really nice. I'd like to get some more. Again my email address is

  • ziradog Sep 7, 2011

    I'm a pretty poor photographer to begin with, but my cell phone takes really poor pictures. It isn’t a resolution thing (I keep my camera on 2 mp or less most of the time), it is the lens or CCI or something. I would like to get a phone with a better camera next time as it sure would be handy to have a camera with me most of the time.

  • mamananagramps Sep 7, 2011


    You and wife really get around.I so enjoy the pictures. Very pretty..but when do you sleep??

  • PAINFREE Sep 7, 2011

    Bill, looks like you did very well with your cellphone pressed against your nose! Since I don't own a new cell phone or Droid, I forget that phones take pictures now, and have never gotten used to folks looking at their watch to see what day it is.

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