Wake County unveils newly expanded animal shelter

Posted June 30, 2010
Updated July 1, 2010

— Wake County's newly expanded animal shelter at 820 Beacon Lake Drive in Raleigh was unveiled to the public Wednesday.

Animal center leaders also announced that they are offering a reduced adoption fee of $25 until Saturday, thanks to sponsorships from local citizens and businesses.

The shelter expansion will allow Wake County to fulfill its agreement to house animals from the city of Raleigh and towns of Garner and Cary. When Raleigh begins delivering animals to the Wake County animal shelter on July 1 there will be consolidated sheltering countywide.

The expansion is approximately 6,700-square-feet and includes the addition of 84 new dog holding units, 75 new cat holding units and building system improvements for the existing dog holding areas.

The shelter has a total capacity of 218 dog kennels and 175 cat kennels or approximately 18,000 animals per year – an increase of 50 percent.

Shelter leaders say they hope the changes will make it easier to adopt a pet or find a missing animal. The expansion now frees the Wake County SPCA to focus on preventing unwanted animals and helping find homes for pets at the shelter.

“It's fantastic, it's gorgeous (and) it’s very open. People want to stay longer, and that means they're more likely to go home with an animal,” said shelter volunteer Gab Wladyka.

The newly expanded center is more than a place to adopt pets. All of Wake County's found animals will also come to the building.

“We take a picture of all our animals and put them on our website so that you can take a look, within half an hour usually,” Wladyka said.


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  • cathysnc Jul 1, 2010

    I got my dog Milo from WCAS and could ask for a better dog. He was 6 months old and scared to death but he is a wonderful companion now. I agree partly with Chargernut that people do need to be helped that are homeless but ONLY people can help animals they cannot help themselves and if you really want to help spay and neuter your pet so there won't be all the homeless animals. My dog is not dumb he is my buddy.

  • ConcernedNCC Jul 1, 2010

    Chargernut69: People with your mindset wouldn't understand. They think that compassion only applies to people. Unfortunately, people who mistreat animals will do the same to people if they have a chance. On another note, homeless people have a very good chance of finding shelter, if they want it. Laws prevent forcing them into shelters, even if they are homeless due to mental illness, as long as they aren't a danger to others.

  • ikeyboy Jul 1, 2010

    rescuefan: I know the same number of animals have been picked up, but it is the destination that I don't support. Expanding a facility does not mean a higher level of care.

  • chargernut69 Jul 1, 2010

    Why am I a troll because I think that people are more important than dogs & cats ?

  • rescuefan Jul 1, 2010

    "You better take a quick look at these animals, because more animals means this shelter will only euthanize more. They do not have enough people or programs in place to accommodate the increase.

    Huh? Do you know why the WCAS expanded? It was because the animals picked up in Raleigh were taken to the SPCA in Garner and the ones picked up in Wake County were taken to the WCAS. The same number of animals are being picked up, their destination is all that has changed.

  • cubed32696 Jul 1, 2010

    Money that should have been spent for a homeless shelters for PEOPLE, not dumb pets! chargernut69

    Go away troll

  • estrauch Jul 1, 2010

    The shelters have always been there. The animals have always been there and in need. More stories like this should be told to bring Animal Adoption to the fore front. Be proactive and volunteer. If all you can do is volunteer one or two hours a week to walk a dog, brush a cat or just sit or play with an animal so it isn't lonely, then you have accomplished that much! Look into your heart and consider helping. The need is there. No you can't help every animal or take them all home with you. But you can go to them and volunteer while they are waiting to be adopted into their forever home. I volunteer at my local shelter and it makes me feel good to know that I've made that animal a little bit less lonely, a little bit less scared, and a little bit more loved.

  • ikeyboy Jul 1, 2010

    You better take a quick look at these animals, because more animals means this shelter will only euthanize more. They do not have enough people or programs in place to accommodate the increase.

  • rescuefan Jul 1, 2010

    "should not say unwanted animals at this time and with this economy because most people giving up their cats and dogs are being forced to do so because of lost jobs due to the politicians taking bkp ( bribes, kickbacks and payoffs) from the bankers.

    Unfortunately you are incorrect. Most of the animals being turned into the shelters are NOT being turned in because of the economy. Most of them are unwanted for whatever reason. I do agree that more than usual are ending up in the shelters because of the economy.

  • NC Reader Jul 1, 2010

    I've had many pets -- all strays, shelter or SPCA animals. They have all been loving, appreciative animals. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who help out at shelters.