WRAL gets 'scooped' on newsroom dog name

Posted June 4, 2009
Updated June 7, 2009

— You may have heard that WRAL has a new addition to its family: a newsroom puppy. We asked for your help naming the 3-month-old basset-hound mix.

Leesa Moore Craigie, operations manager for WRAL News, adopt the pooch from the SPCA of Wake County. She picked out five names from nearly 650 suggestions on

Cam, Scoop, Bandit, Tracker and Flash made the list. More than 17,500 people cast votes, and Scoop came out as the top dog.

However, Scoop, unfortunately, can't be his name. A GOLO user pointed out to WRAL that the Fayetteville Observer's newsroom dog goes by the name, Scoop. We confirmed that tip and, well, WRAL got "scooped."

To avoid confusion when WRAL's pooch makes appearances in Fayetteville, we at the station decided to go with the No. 2 pick, Tracker.

To all of you who voted for Scoop, we appreciate you taking part, but we thought going with Tracker would help keep the puppy peace.

Check out photos and video of him.


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  • daisymom Jun 5, 2009

    I don't care what his name is! He is just so cute, it doesn't matter!

  • wwatkinsiii Jun 5, 2009

    I still don't undertand why "WRALee" wasn't considered for voting.

  • peppercorns Jun 5, 2009

    Tracker is a nice name, Cam- is lame - glad you didn't pick that one. So, when is Meet Tracker Day at the studio?
    Best of luck and may Tracker have a long and prosperous career..

  • carousel mom Jun 5, 2009

    You should have gone with Cam, since that is what the newsroom was calling him anyway.

    Tracker is ok, but he looks like Scoop (or Cam).

  • PlanetX Jun 5, 2009

    Really cute name, although I voted for "scoop". Given his origin and rescue from the SPCA, his name probably should have been "Lucky". =) Good luck, Tracker - can't wait to meet ya!

  • starletta Jun 5, 2009

    Cool! I think Tracker is a great name! Tracker gets to help "track" many stories and events!

  • housemanagercary Jun 5, 2009

    ooooh Tracker is just too long... oh well... Welcome Tracker

  • BruiserB Jun 5, 2009

    Tracker is cute, but I thought Cam was in second place. Either way, just very happy he's got a great home and lots of attention. Wish more loving people would adopt pets!

  • Space Mountain Jun 5, 2009

    You should call him Jamburger.

  • cat976 Jun 5, 2009

    Very cute dog, kinda looks like my Jack Russell. Why was Scoop offered to us to vote on if they new they were not going to name the dog that?