Troopers find owners of dog killed on U.S. 1

Posted May 2, 2008

— A family learned of their missing dog's death, caused by abuse, after state troopers tracked down the canine's owners on Friday.

The owners said they last saw their 3-month-old pit bull mix, "Terry," around 10:30 p.m. last Saturday. They had let the puppy out while they brought in groceries, and it slipped away from them.

About four hours later, troopers said someone placed a deflated soccer ball over Terry's head and forced it onto U.S. Highway 1 near Chris Cole Road. A car struck and killed the dog, troopers said.

The driver said he initially thought he had hit a construction cone, but called 911 when he realized it was a dog.

Family members said they had no idea who would have done this to their dog.

Trooper Jonathan Davis said animal cruelty charges will be filed if investigators uncover a culprit. Troopers said they do not have any definite leads so far, and the surface of the soccer ball prevented investigators from lifting any fingerprints.

A Sanford woman has offered a $200 reward for information leading an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information about this case was asked to call the Highway Patrol at 919-742-2124 or 800-445-8621.


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  • mom2threecld May 2, 2008

    poor puppy, how can people be so mean? sorry for the family.

  • smeade1 May 2, 2008

    People are so mean and cruel...and my husband doesn't understand why I'd rather be with animals than humans. I've got a 3 mo old Yorkie-Pom and I'd kill somebody over her just like I would over one of my daughters. There's no excuse for it. I know I'll probably get massacred on golo for my thoughts, but I just get so fed up with the cruelties of mankind.

  • richard2 May 2, 2008


  • karynwexler May 2, 2008

    I find that people assume that the puppy did this on his own to be a bit absurd. First of all - if a puppy did indeed get his own head stuck in a slit soccer ball -- someone is still to blame. Littering? Someone left it lying around - and in my eyes they certainly are responsible. I suspect it is much more likely that this is exactly as reported. I wish I wasn't reading it either. I do feel it is as much news as anything else on this website. I find it worthwhile to be reminded that the people I share this planet with are violent & cruel. I also think this is the fastest way to bring justice to whoever committed this atrocity. If it isn't reported - it isn't solved.

  • mrkagain May 2, 2008

    I don't know exactly how that poor puppy got his head into that ball, and I don't know that someone actually placed it onto the highway. I am not a tree hugger, and I don't like the PETA organization, but I own dogs and love dogs. IF they determine that this was done deliberately, and they catch whoever did it, I think it would be good to bring back public flogging. About 20 licks ought to do it.

  • Centurian May 2, 2008

    Odd how the trooper makes a public assertion that HE will charge the offenders with animal cruelty. Usually, they're quick to ask local law enforcement to handle such matters.

    I wonder if the recent K-9 beating embarassment had anything to do with the Patrol's new-found concern for animals?

  • oneday8035 May 2, 2008

    The original story said that the ball had been slit and was difficult to remove from the dogs head. This was a deliberate act of cruelty.

  • GetRight May 2, 2008

    Very sad... but hardly newsworthy.

    What's the deal with all the animal abuse news lately anyway. Do our LEOs not have enough to do dealing with gangs, drugs, robberies, rapes, etc.?

    I don't get it.

  • seankelly15 May 2, 2008

    Both of you - why do you think that you know more than the authorities? The only thing that you know is posted on this website. But feel free to offer your analysis to the trooper in charge of the case.

  • cbarnett May 2, 2008

    I'll contribute also.