4 Malnourished Horses Seized in Halifax County

Posted January 21, 2008

— A local man faces four counts of animal cruelty after malnourished horses were seized from a Halifax County farm.

Michael J. Lynch was charged after a search Friday of his property off L&R Lane in Hollister, authorities said. Animal control officers seized four horses and turned them over to the U.S. Equine Rescue League for veterinary care.

One of the four horses had to be put down, and a second remained in intensive care on Monday, said Amy Woodard, regional director of the Equine Rescue League. The other two were in quarantine but were responding well to food and care, she said.

The horses were found to be living in filth in a wooded area that provided no shelter aside from a three-sided structure with no roof, authorities said. One couldn't walk, and another had malformed front hooves, which experts attributed to a lack of proper care.


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  • cheapdisguise2003 Jan 23, 2008

    Even with the number of rescues that exist for dogs and cats-- it's still not enough. I volunteer with an animal rescue organization and have been involved in animal rescue for many years. To see any animal mistreated is horrible.

    But to see an animal begin to trust again after being mistreated is a blessing. If you don't already---VOLUNTEER! If not for this horse rescue- choose one of the many cat and dog rescues in the triangle. They need your help!!!

  • 1crazygirl Jan 23, 2008

    This makes me sick. Why even have ANY animals if you cant take care of them properly???

  • 3potato4 Jan 22, 2008

    Doubtful that anyone will get jail time over this. He'll probably get a small fine and ordered not to own horses if not forever than for a period of time. The laws regarding cruelty to animals in NC are not severe. Someone would be more likely to get jail time for writing a bad check than for abusing an animal. I sure would like to see a punishment that fits this crime but it's just not on the books. NC is barely an animal welfare state much less an animal rights state.

  • Dayum Sessy Jan 22, 2008

    That makes my blood boil. I've been wanting a horse for years but I KNOW I cant afford the expenses.

    HE could of gave them away or auctioned them off.

    HOPE he pays DEARLY for what he did to those poor animals

  • TruthIsSubjective Jan 22, 2008

    Stories like this sicken me. What a horrible way to treat animals.

  • wolfmandan Jan 22, 2008

    Its very sad to hear about such things as this. Horses are such beautiful animals. I'd love to have one but the apartment complex I live in want let me keep it...I do hope this guy gets some serious jail time!

  • Crocus Jan 21, 2008

    Why get horses if you can't afford their upkeep? I would love a horse, but they are expensive.

    I hope that the other horses pull through and find better homes. It seems like there needs to be more rescue groups for horses like there are for cats and dogs. :(

  • clover1019 Jan 21, 2008

    HE should have to live in those conditions!...with no shoes on either! there is no excuse for this there are plenty of people out there that would gladly take your horses if you simply dont have the means to care for them.

  • lornadoone Jan 21, 2008

    Argh... this is sickening!!

  • Adelinthe Jan 21, 2008

    Hang 'im high!!!

    I have zero tolerance for those who abuse the weak, whether human or animal. I think they should receive the harshest treatment available for the crime.

    For this guy, 50 years (10 for each horse and 10 extra for the one that had to be put down) with no blanket, jacket or shoes and being feed bread and water only. Let him see what it's like to be hungry and cold for so long that it affects one's health severely. PERIOD!!!

    God bless.

    Rev. RB